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Graduating students

For Students

Prohibited Items for Attendees

Guests and students will not be allowed to bring any of the following prohibited items into the Commencement seating area.

Prohibited Items

  • artificial noisemakers—air horns, whistles, etc.
  • glass—bottles, containers, etc.
  • confetti, frisbees, balls, balloons, projectiles
  • laser pointers or other disturbing items
  • oversized signs or banners
  • signage with a stick or pole attached
  • derogatory/defamatory clothing or signage
  • illegal drugs or alcohol
  • firearms, weapons, explosives or other harmful items
  • candles
  • animals (except licensed service animals)
  • other items deemed prohibited by event staff

Any person, any item of clothing and any possessions may be subject to search at any time. Admission is not guaranteed and may be revoked at any time.