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A group of 2008 graduates pose for a photo together.

Graduation Instructions

Undergraduate Student Commencement Instructions

DU’s spring 2014 Commencement ceremony will be held at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, June 6, in Magness Arena in the Ritchie Center.

Find information about where to rent your cap and gown. You can also download detailed undergraduate Commencement instructions (PDF).

Come prepared to Commencement on June 6 by following these guidelines:

At the Ceremony

Arrive on time.

Please arrive at Hamilton Gymnasium—inside the Ritchie Center—in your cap and gown by 8:30 a.m. Enter through the west doors (across from the Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium).

Look for the sign bearing the name of your degree, and get in the line formed beneath it.

Dress appropriately.

You're required to wear official DU regalia throughout the ceremony. Please dress appropriately and fully clothed beneath your cap and gown.

Honor cords from University-approved organizations are the only adornments students are permitted to wear with their caps and gowns.

Wear the tassel on your cap on the right, front side until you're asked to move it, following the diploma presentation ceremony.

For more information about ordering your cap and gown, see our cap and gown rental page.

Follow DU's Code of Student Conduct.

Anyone who violates DU's Code of Student Conduct at Commencement may be removed from the ceremony and/or reprimanded by the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.

Leave bags, purses and other large items at home.

We don't have a secure place for you to store any items you bring with you, so please plan ahead.

Don't throw your cap or any other objects.

To avoid injuring those around you, please don't toss any objects in the air during the ceremony.

Men should remove their caps during the National Anthem and Invocation.

Help us pronounce your name correctly.

Write the phonetic spelling of your name and your preferred email address on the name card we give you before Commencement.

You'll hand this card to the person who will read your name as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma. We'll use the email address to send you information to order Commencement photos.

Return to your seat, and stay seated for the rest of the ceremony.

Be respectful of other graduates and the audience by staying in your seat before and after you receive your diploma and until those on the Commencement platform exit during the recessional.

After the Ceremony

Return your gown.

Please return your gown to Hamilton Gymnasium immediately following Commencement. You're welcome to keep your mortarboards and tassels as souvenirs.

If you're interested in purchasing regalia, contact Diane Phillips of Willsie Cap & Gown at 720-273-7729.

Look for your diploma in the mail.

You'll receive a diploma cover in place of your diploma on graduation day.

Visit PioneerWeb to verify your mailing address, and click the "Student" tab to ensure you have no past-due tickets, payments, exit interviews or other obligations.

We can’t issue you a diploma until you have cleared these issues. If you'd like us to mail your diploma to a separate or temporary address, send an email to the Office of the Registrar with the subject line "Diploma Mailing Address."

We'll send your diploma to your mailing address within 8 to 10 weeks of Commencement, barring holds.