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Construction and Events

Throughout the year, events and construction projects are happening on and around the University of Denver campus that may impact day-to-day life in the surrounding neighborhoods. Use this list to help anticipate traffic changes, high volumes of visitors to campus or parking challenges.

recent campus events 

Photos from the September 24th Neighborhood Clean up.

Photos from the Korbel Dinner featuring keynote speaker, Vice President Joseph Biden. Honoring Carrie and John Morgridge of the Morgridge Family Foundation, as well as Kent Thiry of DaVita.

Photos from the Crimson Classic 2016

University of Denver Mobile site


upcoming campus events 

construction updates

  • Officially Opened Fall 2016- Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science, 2300 Block of S. York St.
    • STEM Ponds photo by Wayne Armstrong
  • From Valerie Kerns, Senior Aide , City Council District #6 regarding 2400 S University project for the week of November 28, 2016:
    • The excess concrete forming material is in process of being removed from the site.  This will require removal of form and shoring material on a daily basis.  The delivery of masonry and reinforcement will continue the week on a daily basis.  All removals/deliveries  will be entering and exiting from either the  mid-point of our site, off of University or from Harvard at the South end of the project.  This work will be continuous through the month of  November, 2016.

    • The removal/backfilling of the shoring system and repairing of waterproofing along the Alley is in progress.  This will involve the daily removal and reinstallation of sections of the fence  along the alley at the end of the week.  Access will be maintained at all times in the alley.  Vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the alley will be monitored by flaggers.

    • We are scheduled to make our next placement of concrete elevated decks on Tuesday, November 29th and Thursday, December 1st, weather and permit approval pending. We are scheduled to make our next placement of concrete elevated deck Wednesday, November 30th, weather and permit approval pending. This will involve concrete trucks making deliveries to the site and the staging of a concrete pump trucks along University Blvd.  Lane closures will only be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Two-way traffic will be maintained on University at all times.  Vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be monitored by flaggers.

    • no utility work scheduled for this week.

    • Please note: Weather and Permit approval pending, we will be closing lanes of University two days  this week.  We are working closely with the City of Denver Right-of-way Services department.  All lane closures and traffic control will be carefully coordinated and maintained.

    • Questions regarding the 2400 S. University project can be directed to Denver City Council District 6 at 720-337-6666.

Public Meeting

Public Open House


Please reach out with any questions.

Theresa Ahrens, Interim Communications Director

2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208
Phone: 303-871-4778