Truth, Justice and compassion. are often the only bulwarks against ruthless power. -Aung San Suu Kyi
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Directors’ Welcome About Conflict Resolution History of the Institute Institute Mission & Vision

A word from the Program Director......

Conflict Resolution is a mind set, an analytic perspective, and a set of skills emphasizing critical thinking and creative approaches to solving social problems. At the broadest level, it is designed to structure a sense of stability and security to build energy and enhance human growth.

The world is full of turmoil and social tension—from disputes in the workplace to incidents of family related violence; from school bullying to neighborhood arguments; from politics to terrorism to war. Divisiveness, anger, and rage prey on our fears, sap our energy, and limit the development of humanity. These petulant conditions exist to a large extent because the forces of social life play to power politics and conflict escalation. Such strategies dominate creative non-adversarial, de-escalation processes that would bring calmness and efficiency into our world. The problem is not necessarily one of deliberately choosing to fight rather than engaging in useful dialogue and discussion. Rather, the problem stems from instinct, ignorance and the lack of technical tools for activating conflict resolution processes.

Conflict Resolution understanding and skills are necessary to global survival in the 21st Century! At the Conflict Resolution Institute we emphasize a broad approach to human cooperation—in politics, professional work, and personal relations—by integrating ideas across a set of disciplines—international relations, management, law, social work, psychology, human communications, theology—to promote unified understanding that helps build skills and experience through mediation, negotiation, and facilitation leading to practical effectiveness.


Karen A. Feste, Ph.D
Founder and Director

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