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Conflict Resolution Institute

Conflict Resolution Institute

The Conflict Resolution Institute


Core Faculty

There are currently 19 PhD scholars and professionals with permanent appointments at the University of Denver affiliated with the Conflict Resolution Institute. Eleven of them have formal professorate positions in one of the participating academic units on campus: Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Social Work, College of Business, the College of Law, the School of Professional Psychology, the School of Communication, the Department of Religious Studies, or the Iliff School of Theology, and teach graduate level courses related to conflict resolution within their respective disciplines. Three scholars, including the Henry R. Luce Professor and two Research Professors, are appointed directly to the Institute. The director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program at University College is also a member of the core faculty. 

Special Faculty

These faculty members are experts in their respective fields and offer special courses in conflict structures, restorative justice, public deliberation, and thesis workshops.

Visiting Scholars

The Institute occasionally hosts conflict resolution scholars who come to the campus for short or extended periods during the year to conduct research, run workshops for students, teach short courses, or deliver public lectures. This group includes professors from other universities, post-doctoral recipients, and professionals in private practice. Those interested in applying for a visiting post should contact