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University Counsel

Contract Review Process

University Counsel Procedures

Contract Review Process – University Counsel Procedures:

  • Originator submits contract to Office of University Counsel for review
  • Contract logged in and referred to attorney for review (University Counsel, Assistant University Counsel or outside counsel)
  • Confirmation of receipt of contract for review sent to Originator
  • Attorney reviews contract
    • If no changes required, contract approved
    • If changes required, attorney prepares modification memo University
  • Counsel reviews contracts for form and legal sufficiency, for example
    • What is the contract term?
    • Are the deliverables clearly outlined?
    • When is payment due?
    • What are the termination provisions?
  • Other considerations:
    • Does the person signing the contract have authority to sign it?
    • Does it contain dispute resolution provision?
    • Does the contract require the University to do something it cannot legally do or is against University policy?
  • University Counsel does not determine the substance of a contract, e.g.
    • The deliverables.
    • The amount of fees to be paid.
    • When services will be performed (the term).
  • University Counsel review ensures that specific contract provisions protecting the University are included in the contract
  • University Counsel may draft a contract and, if needed, participate in the negotiation of contract terms
  • Modification Memo and contract returned to Originator for changes and approval of changes by 3rd party
  • Originator is responsible for making or submitting to 3rd party changes to contract and the return to University Counsel of the revised contract for approval
    • Attorney reviews contract to ensure changes are made
    • If all changes are not made, contract returned to originator for additional changes
    • If all changes are made, contract forwarded to Originator to obtain authorized signature
  • Once approved, contract may be sign by authorized signatory University Counsel approval is only one step in the University Contract Review Process
    • Other required administrative review and approval may be required in University rules, policies, and procedures, i.e. ATIG, Capital Improvements, Sponsored Programs.
    • It is the responsibility of the Originator to ensure adherence to such rules, policies and procedures.
    • Not complying with other administrative or departmental reviews will delay review of the contract by University Counsel.
  • Form contracts that have been previously reviewed and approved by University Counsel do not have to be submitted for review before each execution unless substantive changes have been made.
  • Please confirm with University Counsel regarding the use and execution of approved form contracts.
  • Consequences of failure to follow policy:
    • Contract may be void or voidable
    • Employee may be subject to disciplinary action and/or personal liability
    • University subject to audit findings (an area of potential control weakness, policy violation, financial misstatement, or other issue identified during the University’s audit and reported to the Board of Trustees.)

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