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  • What do I do if I receive a Subpoena?
Here are the details.
  • What do I do if I receive a Litigation Hold Notice?
Here are the details.
  • Who does the University Counsel represent?
The University Counsel represents Colorado Seminary which owns and operates the University of Denver. In that capacity, the University Counsel advises the Board of Trustees, Executive Officers, Faculty, Staff, and sometimes Students, all in their official capacities, on various legal issues impacting the University.
  •  Can I obtain personal legal advice and services from the University Counsel?
No. The University Counsel provides legal services related to University business only.


  • I am a student. Can I obtain legal services from the University Counsel?
Only if the matter is related to a University matter and is sumbitted by your staff advisor or faculty representative.


  •  How can I contact the Office of the University Counsel?

                   We are located in the Mary Reed Building in Room 101.

                   Our phone number is: 303.871.4646

                   Our fax number is: 303.871.2811

                   Our email is: counsel@du.edu


  • Can I have a raffle at my event?

The state of Colorado has specific laws that set forth the obligations that must be met in order to hold a raffle. The Secretary of State of Colorado has listed helpful information about obtaining a raffle license on their website. The University of Denver requires that a department, student organization, etc. obtain approval of the raffle before applying for a license.


To submit a FAQ to the Office of the University Counsel please email counsel@du.edu