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The Center for World Languages and Cultures

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

Welcome to the Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC). We are here to support and enrich your study of languages and cultures at DU.

Come to the CWLC to work with language coaches, take undergraduate placement or graduate proficiency exams, study less-commonly taught languages, and prepare for study abroad.

Noncredit Evening Classes

We now offer noncredit evening language classes for faculty, staff, students, and Denver metro community members. This fall we are running Sanskrit. Our catalog of winter offerings is coming soon - look for opportunities to learn French, Sanskrit and Spanish on our Community Language Institute page.

Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum

The University of Denver has an amazing resource in its undergraduate, graduate and faculty populations with abilities in more than one language. The Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) initiative at DU gives students and faculty the opportunity to integrate their language knowledge and abilities across the disciplines, opening the classroom up to differing cultural perspectives and access to knowledge that may otherwise be available.

The Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) Movement intends to make global competence a reality for students and to create alliances among educators to share practices and find ways to incorporate an international dimension in curricula, and, more generally, to achieve internationalization goals. General principles of CLAC include:

  • A focus on communication and content
  • An emphasis on developing meaningful content-focused language use outside traditional language classes
  • An approach to language use and cross-cultural skills as means for the achievement of global intellectual synthesis, in which students learn to combine and interpret knowledge produced in other languages and in other cultures

~ From the CLAC Consortium

CLAC can take many forms across a spectrum from individual assignments and discussions that require students to contribute materials and perspectives from other languages and cultures to full classes taught in other languages. Much of this work is already done at DU. The CWLC is working on this initiative to show the creative ways in which people across campus are integrating languages into their disciplines.

We currently support faculty to develop and implement 1-credit discussion sections in other languages to add on to their classes. In these sections, students conduct research and discuss the class content in another language. These discussion sections may be facilitated by a faculty member or graduate student. This is an ideal way for international students to share their native language with their peers, as well as for students returning from study abroad to continue working on their language abilities as a part of their major interests.

  • UNDERGRADUATES: If you are interested in participating in a CLAC discussion add-on for a non-language course, please email us and let us know your year, major and language(s) of interest.
  • GRADUATES: If you are interested in facilitating an undergraduate discussion group in your field of study, please contact Alison Nishi and let her know your area of study and language abilities.
  • FACULTY: If you would like to add a 1-credit discussion section in another language to a class, contact Alison Nishi and let her know the class, term(s) and language(s). If you already provide students with an opportunity to incorporate other languages and cultures into your classes, please let Alison know as well! We would love to share the work that is already happening.

The Center for World Languages & Cultures Has Moved!

The Center for World Languages & Cultures offices are now located in Anderson Academic Commons, Room 336. Tutoring will resume in the fall quarter on the main floor of the Anderson Academic Commons.

AAC and Denver

Read about the move and the CWLC's services: Center for World Languages and Cultures Joins AAC


Travel photos courtesy of Barbara Motter