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Denver Quarterly

Experimenting in the Literary Arts Since 1965


When I agreed, sometime last spring, to become the editor of the Denver Quarterly, a post held by the marvelous poet and University of Denver professor Bin Ramke for 17 years, I had the feeling that what I was signing up to do, in the main, was put myself in a position to see up close and first hand what the best American and international poets and writers are doing. It is one thing to have a feeling about something, it is another to live it, and after spending the last several months reading, along with our various editors, the extraordinary work that comes to us as a matter of absolute routine, I am happy to report that my expectations have been surpassed. Clearly the teams of editors working with Bin Ramke, Donald Revell and my many predecessors (the Quarterly was founded in 1965) over the years have made our pages a worthy place to be. With luck, frequent updates to my eyeglasses and the support of our current and future Quarterly staff, this will continue to be the case. Please check back in with our new website from time to time to see what is current and forthcoming as we move the magazine forward without forgetting, for a second, its fabulous past.