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Denver Quarterly

Past Issues

Volume 48, Number 2, Year: 2014

Winter 2014

Volume 48, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Tim Atkins, Patty Yumi Cottrell, Tom Daley, Kate Greenstreet, Jenny Gropp Hess, Mark Irwin, Siel Ju, Steve Katz, Layli Long Soldier, Barbara March, Farid Matuk, Jason F. McDaniel, Kate McIntyre, Sergei Nosov, Carrie Oeding, Pierre Reverdy, Christopher Rife, Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Anne Shaw, G.C. Waldrep, Sam Witt, and Douglas Woodsum, Sarah Boyer, Adam Clay, Brian Henry, and Gregory Howard.

COVER ART: "The Long Goodbuy" (2010), watercolor on paper. Jeff Kreuger is a nationally exhibited artist. He has wonnumerous awards including an Arts Midwest NEA. He has taught or lectured in many art institutes including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Royal Colleges of Art in London, and in Copenhagen. He currently resides in New Mexico.

Volume 48, Number 1, Year: 2013

Fall 2013

Volume 48, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Jaime Brunton, Gladys Justin Carr, Inger Christensen, Jackie Clark, Brenda Coultas, Ansel Elkins, Clayton Eshleman, Kristen Evans, Percival Everett, Colin Fleming, Yanara Friedland, Melissa Ginsburg, Laura Goldstein, Stuart Greenhouse, John Holliday, Michael Homolka, Michael Ives, Kirsten Jorgenson, Philip Matthews, Kyle McCord, Stan Mir, Aya Nabih, Maureen Owen, Eric Pankey, Charlotte Pence, Gail Scott, Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, Lewis Warsh, and Lesley Yalen.

COVER ART: "Two Hopi Girls" after Edward S. Curtis (2013), 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas. Marla Allison is a member of Laguna Pueblo of New Mexico. For more information go to:

Volume 47, Number 4, Year: 2013

Summer 2013

Volume 47, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Melih Cevdet Anday, Dan Beachy-Quick, Charles Caramello, Heather Christle, Lindsey Drager, Kate Durbin, Zack Finch, John Harn, Lily Hoang, Susan Elizabeth Howe, Valerie Hsiung, Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Joseph Lease, J. Vera Lee, Megan Levad, Jesse Lichtenstein, Eric Lorberer, Lisa Lubasch, Trey Moody, Alexandria Peary, Michael Robins, Elizabeth Robinson, Martha Ronk, Montreux Rotholtz, Susan Scarlata, Laura Sims, Ilan Stavans, Lindsay Turner, Kellie Wells, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Joseph P. Wood.

COVER ART: "Waste Wave," by Eric Amling; 4" x 4," handmade collage (2012). Eric Amling is an artist and writer from Brooklyn, NY.

Volume 47, Number 3, Year: 2013

Spring 2013

Volume 47, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Mary Jo Bang, Jennifer Bartlett, David Carillo, Anne Carson & Robert Currie, Heather Christle, Jennifer K. Dick & Amanda Deutch, Sharon Dolin, Marcella Durand, Casey Fagan, Farrah Field, Benjamin Landry, Justin Marks, Margaret Monaghan, Erik Noonan, Lance Olsen, Daniel Poppick, Frances Justine Post, Thibault Raoult, Ashley Danielle Ryle, Tomaž Šalamun, Elisabeth Sheffield, Peter Jay Shippy, Abraham Smith, Sampson Starkweather, Brooks Sterritt, Gary Young, Yang Zi, Magdalena Zurawski, Yanara Friedland, Unica Zürn.

COVER ART: "Buffalo Gum the Boot Tongue," by Ben Prince; 11" x 14," ink on paper (2007). Ben Prince was born in Georgia and grew up in Greece. He currently resides in Vinings as a busser.

Volume 47, Number 2, Year: 2013

Winter, 2013

Volume 47, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Cynthia Arrieu-King, Devon Branca, Lauren Brozovich, Caroline Cabrera, CAConrad, Daniel Coudriet, Gillian Cummings, Adam Day, Dot Devota, Peter Dimock, Rebecca Farivar, HR Hegnauer, Shawm Huelle (interview with Susan Bernofsky), Emily Jones, George Kalamaris, Nate Liederbach, Rick Moody & Judith Schaechter, Kristi Moos, Robert Savino Oventile & Sandy Florian, Greg Przekwas, Ben Purkert, Danniel Schoonebeek & Allyson Paty, Brandon Shimoda, Lydia Ship, Michael Simon, Sandra Simonds, Virginia Smith, Marguerite W. Sullivan, Brian Teare, Daniel Tiffany, Anne Waldman, Robert Walser (trans. by Susan Bernofsky)

COVER ART: Elizabeth Huey received her BA in Psychology from George Washington University and her MFA from Yale University. Huey's paintings are held in collections such as the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Asleep between Book and Banjo is acrylic and oil on wood, 2011 (18"x18").

Volume 47, Number 1, Year: 2012

Fall, 2012

Volume 47, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Blanchfield, Sommer Browning, Elizabeth Burns, Charles Caramello, Lisa Ciccarello, Cynthia Cruz, Julia Dratel, Barbara Claire Freeman, John Gallaher, Dan Gutstein, Bradley Harrison, Patty Houston, Daniel A Hoyt, Becky Kennedy, LS Klatt, Teresa Milbrodt, Kristen E Nelson, Fani Papageorgiou, Deborah Poe, Dani Rado, Yoval Shimoni, Jay Snodgrass, Page Hill Starzinger, Catherine Thomas, Kerri Webster, Mike White

COVER ART: Larry Lorca takes his name from two of his favorite poets. He has been adorning the streets of Richmond Virginia with murals, posters, and installations for over a decade. More of his work can be found here.  Tyger/Rabbitt is a 24''x22'' and paint on wood (2011).

Volume 46, Number 4, Year: 2012

Summer, 2012

Volume 46, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Anderson, Jennifer Pap, Guillaume Apollinaire (Trans. by Julie Carr and Jennifer Pap), Brent Armendinger, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Molly Bendall, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Bruce Bond, Joshua Clover, Chris Cole, Rebecca Farivar, Thomas Fink, Alex Hershman, Rachel Hinton, Ann Lauterbach, David Lazar, Susan McCarty, EC Messer. Ange Mlinko, Matt Moore, Fred Moten, Erin Moure, Gina Myers, Ellen Oreans, Laura Schadler, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, Joshua Marie Wilkinson (interview with Donna Stonecipher)

COVER ART: Bin Ramke's most recent book is Aerial.

Volume 46, Number 3, Year: 2012

Spring, 2012

Volume 46, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Lisa Cattrone, Maxine Chernoff, Kim Chinquee, Travis Eisenbise, Henry Finch, Brian Foley, Stephanie Ford, Leora Fridman, Greg Gerke, Lawrence Giffin, Eryn Green (review of Joseph Lease's Testify), Vincent Guerra, Elizabeth Hall (interview with Dodie Bellamy), Amy King (interview with Eileen Myles), Lance Larsen, Dave Madden, Joyelle McSweeney, David Milofsky, Lynne Potts, Samana, Anne Shaw, James Shea, Ales Streger (trans. by Brian Henry), Jess Stoner (review of Jenny Boully's new book), Pimone Triplett, Eric Weinstein, mac t. wise, Francine Witte.

COVER ART: Visit Amy Ross online. Goat Magnolia #9 is 30''x22'' and watercolor on paper.

Volume 46, Number 2, Year: 2012

Winter, 2012

Volume 46, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Kazim Ali, Dan Beachy-Quick (review of Susan Howe), Amy Benson, Daniel Biegelson, Laurie Blauner, Eleanor Mary Boudreau, Jason Bredle, T. Zachary Cotler, Steven Cramer, David Dodd Lee, Sarah Gambito, mark Halperin, Claire Hero, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Alice Jones, Megan Kaminsi (interview with Erin Moure), Kathleen Martin Rowe, Mark McMorris, Kirk Nesset, Danielle Pafunda (review of Johannes Goranson), Sarah Riggs, Lisa Russ Spaar, Susan Scarlata (interview with Elizabeth Willis), Maxwell Schulman, John Sullivan, Daniel Toronto, Tristan Tzara (translated by Heather Green).

COVER ART: Jeff Kallet lives and works in Athens, Ohio. Red Giant is a "found papers collage" composed of a folk art portrait and an astronomical chart from an old textbook.

Volume 46, Number 1, Year: 2011

Fall, 2011

Volume 46, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Megan Alpert, Hannah Baker, Micah Bateman, Daneen Bergland, Adam Clay, Daniel Corrie, Carol Ann Davis, Christopher Davis, Jeff Downey, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Michael Hansen, Megin Jimenez, Zvonko Karanovic (trans. Ana Bozicevic), Lawrence Mark Lane, Mina Loy, Askold Melnyczuk, Laura Mullen, Martin Nakell, Soham Patel, Vanessa Place, Deborah Poe, Karen Rigby, Margaret Ross, Kate Schapira, Pamela Stewart, Julia Story, Jay Thompson, Alexandra van de Kamp, John Emil Vincent, Danielle Vogel, Gillian Wiley Rose, Linda Zisquit, Elizabeth Zuba

COVER ART: Katherine Rutter lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Where did all my hooves go? is 11''x13,'' pencil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, wallpaper, piano notes.

Volume 45, Number 4, Year: 2011

Summer, 2011

Volume 45, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Faith Barrett, Aase Berg, Sophie Cabot Black, Mary Ann Cain, Andre Du Bouchet, Ben Fama, Sara Femenella, Matthew Gagnon, Karl Gartung, Fanny Howe, John Kinsella, Becca Klaver, Lorelei Lee, Joshua McKinney, Jessica Munns, David Mus, Alice Notley, Daniela Olszewska, Jen Palmares Meadows, Simon Perchik, Allan Peterson, Scott Reding, Eric Reymond, Lisa Robertson, Sean M. Rumschik, Craig Santos Perez, Kent Shaw, David Yost

COVER ART: Catherine Ryan received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting from the California College of Arts in 2000. She has exhibited across the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Great Owl, 26''x20,'' is charcoal and acrylic on mounted paper.

Volume 45, Number 3, Year: 2011

Spring, 2011

Volume 45, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Baker, Stephen Barbaro, David Bartone, Lauren Berry, Laurie Capps, Gladys Justin Carr, Aime Cesaire, Jack Christian, Dennis Etzel, Jr., M.T. Fallon, Brett Fletcher Lauer, Rebecca Goodman, Peter Grandbois, Eunsong K., Eson Kim, Nancy Kuhl, Patricia Lockwood, Gerard Malang, David McAleavey, Amanda Nadelberg, Megan Pugh, Broc Rossell, D.E. Steward, Alison Strub, Mathias Svalina, Gale Marie Thompson, Cody Todd, G.C. Waldrep, Quintan Ana Wikswo, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Elizabeth Willis, Annabelle Yeeseul Yoo

COVER ART: Laurel Sparks is a New York based painter with an MFA from Bard College and a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Laurel's practice explores decadence and theatricality through riotous color, silhouettes, and ornate assemblage. Babylon is 72"x48"and acrylic, marble dust, enamel, watercolor, marker, pigment, on unpainted canvas.

Volume 45, Number 3, Year: 2011

Spring, 2011

Volume 45, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Baker, Stephen Barbaro, David Bartone, Lauren Berry, Laurie Capps, Gladys Justin Carr, Aime Cesaire, Jack Christian, Dennis Etzel, Jr., M.T. Fallon, Brett Fletcher Lauer, Rebecca Goodman, Peter Grandbois, Eunsong K., Eson Kim, Nancy Kuhl, Patricia Lockwood, Gerard Malang, David McAleavey, Amanda Nadelberg, Megan Pugh, Broc Rossell, D.E. Steward, Alison Strub, Mathias Svalina, Gale Marie Thompson, Cody Todd, G.C. Waldrep, Quintan Ana Wikswo, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Elizabeth Willis, Annabelle Yeeseul Yoo

COVER ART: Laurel Sparks is a New York based painter with an MFA from Bard College and a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Laurel's practice explores decadence and theatricality through riotous color, silhouettes, and ornate assemblage. Babylon is 72"x48" and acrylic, marble dust, enamel, watercolor, marker, pigment, on unpainted canvas.

Volume 45, Number 2, Year: 2011

Winter, 2011

Volume 45, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Cynthia Arrieu-King, Michelle Auerbach, Bruce Beasley, Janet Bowdan, James Capozzi, Chelsea Dappen, JUlie Doxsee, Laura Eve Angel, Elaine Equi, Rebecca Farivar, Thomas Fink, Norman Finkelstein, Craig Foltz, Bill Freind, Elisa Gabbert, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Robert Glick, Joseph Hansen, Brian Henry, Terri Kapsalis, Lily Ladewig, Patrick Leonard, Eugene Lim, Bridget Lowe, Sara Michas-Martin, David Milofsky, Bernard Noel (translated by Elena Rivera), Eric Pankey, Ray Ragosta, Jo Sarrzotti, Kate Schapira, Aaron Shunin, Arthur Sze, Tony Trigilio

COVER ART: Jeff Kallet lives and works in Athens, Ohio. Red Giant is a "found papers collage" composed of a folk art portrait and an astronomical chart from an old textbook.

Volume 45, Number 1, Year: 2010

Fall, 2010

Volume 45, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Seth Abramson, Karen Leona Anderson, J. Mae Barizo, Bridgette Bates, Travis Brown, Sten Carlson, Robin Clarke, Mary Crow, Dj Dolack, Sarah Goldstein, Noah Eli Gordon, Stephanie Harrison, Nathan Hill, Andrew Jordan, Byron A. Kanoti, Krystal Languell, Timothy Liu, Sarah Madsen, Shane McCrae, Sally Molini, Harryette Mullen, Elisabeth Murawksi, Martin Nakell, Keith Newton, Adam Peterson, Tim Roberts, Susan Scarlata, A.K. Scipioni, Sejal Shah, Jennifer Shepard, Allison Titus, Yona Wallach (trans. by Linda Zisquit), Adam Weinstein, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Cori A. Winrock

COVER ART: Born in 1973 in Taegu, Korea, Jiha Moon currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Abduction, 22"x21" ink and acrylic on HanJi, is one of the five paintings in the Mythscape series, created in 2006.

Volume 44, Number 4, Year: 2010

Summer, 2010

Volume 44, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Atom Ariola, Rae Armantrout, Meg Barboza, Marvin Bell, Denise Bergman, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Suzanne Buffam, Christopher DeWeese, Claire Donato, Timothy Donnelly, Alan Gilbert, Noah Eli Gordon (interviews Dawn Luny Martin), Emily Gropp, Caia Hagel, Christina Hutchins, Erica Kalnay, Richard Kostelanetz, Joseph Lease, Natalie Lyalin, E.C. Messer, Camille Rankine, Coralie Reed, Christopher Salerno, Zach Savich, Christopher Shannon, Meg Shevenock, J. David Stevens, David St. John, Jennifer Styperk, Bronwen Tate, Mike White, Douglas "Woody" Woodsum, Grzegorz Wroblewski (trans. by Piotr Gwiazda)

COVER ART: Shelton Walsmith is painter and photographer working in the Gowanus Canal area of Brooklyn, NY. Additional work can be found at this website . For Barack Obama 24''x24'' (2009), oil and coffee on canvas, is from a private collection in Portland Oregon.

Volume 44, Number 3, Year: 2010

Spring, 2010

Volume 44, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Daniel Borzutzky, Tina Brown Celona, Joshua Cohen, Stanislaw Czycz, Ava Dellaira, Noah Eli Gordon, Susan Holahan, Rebecca Lehmann, Malinda Markham, Stephen Massimilla, Alison D. Moncrief, Sawnie Morris, Amy Newman, Jennifer Pap, Alyssa Pelish, Charlotte Pence, Lee Felice Pinkas, Martha Ronk, Nicholas Samaras, Brian Teare, Martha Zweig

COVER ART: Shelton Walsmith is a painter and photographer working in the Gowanus Canal area of Brooklyn, NY. His work has been published in the U.S. by The Paris Review, Knopf, Vintage, Rizzoli Books, Unsaid Magazine, Houghton Mifflin, and abroad by Winter + Winter in Munich, Galaxia Gutenberg in Barcelona and Svenska Forlaget in Stockholm. He has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Prague, Santa Fe and Austin. He is currently represented by the New York based gallery Causey Contemporary Fine Art and RR Wilson Art online.

Effrembra medium: oil + graphite on paper dimensions:12 x 16"

Volume 44, Number 2, Year: 2010

Winter, 2010

Volume 44, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Sherman Alexie, Robyn Art, Matthew Baker, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Ethan Bernard, B. J. Best, Amaranth Borsuk, Geoff Bouvier, Julie Carr, Serena Rose Chopra, Olivia Clare, Nadia Herman Colburn, G C Cunningham, Mark Cunningham, Carol Ann Davis, Shelby Goddard, Daniel Gutstein, Mark Irwin, Kristie Kachler, Sally Keith, Eunsong K., Daniel J. Langton, Paul Legault, Alexandria Peary, Craig Santos Perez, Julie Rouse, Peter Jay Shippy, Julianna Spallholz, Ales Steger, Cole Swensen, and an interview with Renee Gladman by Joshua Marie Wilkinson.

COVER ART: Michael McConnell grew up in the Midwest before moving out to San Francisco 10 years ago. He has shown his work locally there as well as nationally in Nashville, New York, and Oregon. He is awkward and anxious. Spinning Silver Lined Stories is acrylic and latex on wood, 2007.

Volume 44, Number 1, Year: 2009

Fall, 2009

Volume 44, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Erica W. Adams, Jeff Alessandrelli, Andrew Allport, J.T. Barbarese, Judith Baumel, Molly Bendall, Bruce Bond, George Bradley, Lisabeth Burton, Brigitte Byrd, Dot Devota, Clayton Eshleman, Michael Farrell, Kate Greenstreet, Evelyn Hampton, Henry Hart, Terence Huber, George Kalamaras, John Kinsella, Jesse Lichtenstein, Trey Moody, Irena Praitis, Michele Ruby, Lisa Sewell, Katherine Soniat, Lisa Russ Spaar, Terese Svoboda, Susan Tichy, Nick Twemlow, Kenneth Warren, Catherine Webster, Paul West, Max Winter, and Gary Young.

COVER ART: "Architecture 9" (sculpture/installation) was displayed at the Silverland Gallery in 2008. Matthew Gottschalk's paintings and films have been exhibited at the Nevada City Film Festival, the Julie Baker Fine Art Gallery, Studio 131, and the Ridley Gallery, among others.

Volume 43, Number 4, Year: 2009

Summer, 2009

Volume 43, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Dan Beachy-Quick, Robert J. Bertholf, Lily Brown, Thomas Fink, John Gallaher, Matthew Goulish, Rebecca Guyon, Jeffrey Hansen, Alice Jones, Terri Kapsalis, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Joanna Klink, Caroline Knox, Gina Litherland, Alexandra Mattraw, Susan Maxwell, Eugenio Montejo, Kirk Nesset, Elizabeth Robinson, Jason Daniel Schwartz, Jessica Wickens, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Valerie Wohlfeld, and John Yau.

COVER ART: Squeak Carnwath (born 1947 in Abington, PA) is a contemporary American painter. She received her MFA from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1977. She is a Professor of Art at the University of California, where she has taught since 1982, having previously taught at California College of Arts and Crafts and Ohlone College. She currently maintains a studio in Oakland, CA, where she has lived and worked since 1970. Cover art: "Beautiful Ugly" (90x80 in.) (2008) is oil and alkyd on canvas over panel.

Volume 43, Number 2, Year: 2009

Winter, 2009

Volume 43, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Mary Jo Bang, Eula Biss, Laurie Blauner, Elizabeth Cross, Chard DeNiord, Clayton Eshleman, Heather Green, Mark Halperin, Catherine Imbriglio, Timothy Liu, Rachel Loden, Kate Lorenz, Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, Anna Moschovakis, Edward Nobles, Andrew Pace on Dan Beachy-Quick, Alexandra Polsky, Eric Rawson, Matt Reeck, Natasha Saje, Susan Scarlata on Miranda Mellis, Dave Snyder, Lewis Warsh, Joshua Marie Wilkinson on Tyrone Williams, Erica Wright, Ghassan Zaqtan

COVER ART: Matsutani Takesada was born in Osaka, Japan in 1937. In the early '60s he was a member of the artistic movement Gutai, a group founded in Japan in 1954, whose members' work expresses a fascination with the beauty that arises when things become damaged or decayed. In 2000, the Otani Museum hosted his one-man show. He lives and works in Paris and Nishinomiya, and is represented by Kaneko Art in Tokyo and Galerie Ghislian in Paris. The cover image Title Cercle 2-5-05 (100 x 81 cm, 2005), is vinyl relief and graphite pencil on canvas and Japanese paper.

Volume 43, Number 1, Year: 2008

Fall, 2008

Volume 43, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Amy Abrams, Marianne Boruch, Ana Bozicevic, Nicole Burgund, Matthew Cooperman, Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch, Dana Curtis, CJ Evans, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Marc Gauchax, Noah Eli Gordon, Sarah Gridley, David Gruber, Kristen Iskandrian, Hyejung Kook, Christopher Linforth, Brad Modlin, Laura Mullen, Lance Olsen, Julie Sophia Paegle, D.A. Powell, Angelica Tornero, Derek White, Hazel White, Amy Wright

COVER ART: Lara Rivera is a South African artist who has lived in Chicago since 2007. She has an MFA from Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited in Scotland, The Netherlands, South Africa, and the U.S.A. The cover image Salem I (2007, 23" x 25"), is ink and watercolor on paper.

Volume 42, Number 4, Year: 2008

Summer, 2008

Volume 42, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Erik Anderson, Stephanie Anderson, Anne Blonstein, Julie Phillips Brown, Suzanne Buffam, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Kim Chinquee, Patrick F. Durgin, Kim Evans, Paul Fattaruso, Georges Godeau, Laura Goode, Nathan Hauke, Claire Hero, Garrett Kalleberg, Aby Kaupang, Katalin Keller, Scott McWaters, Eileen Myles, Ron Padgett, Christian Peet, Emily Rae, Srikanth Reddy, Forrest Roth, Stephen Sandy, Roy Scranton, Andrew Seguin, Brandon Shimoda, D.E. Steward, Michelle Taransky, Karen Volkman

COVER ART: Joe Brainard (1942-94)was a visual artist and a writer. His influential book I Remember has been in print since 1970. His art work is represented by the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York. For more information, go to his website. The cover image, "Untitled, 1976" (private collection) is a mixed-media collage and is used with permission from the Estate of Joe Brainard and the Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York City.

Volume 42, Number 3, Year: 2008

Spring, 2008

Volume 42, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Kirstin Allio, Michael Burkard, Mary Ann Cain, Joseph Cardinale, J'Lyn Chapman, Rob Cook, Philip Dacey, Donna de la Perriere, Marcella Durand, David Farrah, Barbara Claire Freeman, Eryn Green, Paul Hoover, Terri Kapsalis & Gina Litherland, Erin Lyndal Martin, Joshua McKinney, Patrick Morrissey, Travis Nichols, Alice Notley, Erika Recordon, Elizabeth Robinson, Laura Sims, Rebecca Stoddard, Anne Teyssieras, Jen Tynes

COVER ART: Jeff Kallet lives and works in Athens, Ohio. Red Giant is a "found papers collage" composed of a folk art portrait and an astronomical chart from an old textbook.

Volume 42, Number 2, Year: 2008

Winter, 2008

Volume 42, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Samuel Amadon, Erik Anderson, Edward Bartok-Baratta, James Belflower, Carrie Bennett, Joe Bonomo, Yosa Buon, Rachel Cantor, Tyler Carter, Nadia Herman Colburn, Peter Cooley, Cynthia Cruz, Ian Davisson, Natalie Day, Chris Dombrowski, Andrew Epstein, Michele Glazer, Tara Goedjen, Sarah Goldstein, Rodney Gomez, Cathryn Hankla, Christina Hutchins, John Isles, George Kalamaras, Bhanu Kapil, John Kinsella, Michael Kiser, Amelia Klein, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Mark Lamoureux, Peter Larkin, Erik Linsker, Alessandra Lynch, Jennifer Militello, Simone Muench, Deborah Poe, Jennifer Reimer, Michael Robins, Craig Santos Perez, Kate Schapira, Will Skinker, Carol Snow, Onna Solomon, Maura Stanton, Michael Stewart, Sandra Stone, Stephanie Strickland, Janaka Stucky, Cole Swensen, Rosmarie Waldrop, Jeff Walker, William D. Waltz, Joe Wenderoth, Mark Yakich, Imants Ziedonis

COVER ART: Amy Reed is a painter who lives and works in Sacramento, CA. The cover image Bones is oil on canvas (2007, 48" x 37")

Volume 42, Number 1, Year: 2007

Fall, 2007

Volume 42, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Nin Andrews, Dan Beachy-Quick, Jack Boettcher, Deborah Brandon, Amy Catanzano, J'Lyn Chapman, Julia Cohen, Corina Copp, Eric Elshtain, Thomas Fink, John Gallaher, Elena Georgiou, Noah Eli Gordon, Gretchen E. Henderson, Noy Holland, Fanny Howe, Evelyn Ibarra, Megan Kaminski, David Lazar, David Dodd Lee, Kimberly Lojek, Dora Malech, Malinda Markham, Karyna McGlynn, Stephen O'Connor, David Parker, Simon Perchik, Kathryn L. Pringle, Elizabeth Robinson, Emily Rosko, Laura Solomon, Page Hill Starzinger, Brian Strang, Brian Teare, John Tipton, G.C. Waldrep, Daneen Wardrop, Marjorie Welish, Jordan Windholz, Margaret Wycisk

COVER ART: Michael Labenz is an artist who lives and works in Santa Cruz, CA. In addition to silkscreening and book designing, he is currently at work on a digital media project involving walking and a still-to-be-named blog. The cover image Mysterious Object of Infinity is a paper collage.

Volume 41, Number 4, Year: 2007

Summer, 2007

Volume 41, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Emily Anderson, Erinn Batykefer, Amaranth Borsuk, Joseph Bradshaw, Eric Burger, James Capozzi, Alexandra Chasin, Norma Cole, N.M. Courtright, Jennifer K. Dick, Clayton Eshleman & Ethriam Cash Brammer, Graham Foust, Jan Gorak, Johannes Goransson, Michael Homolka, Colette Inez, A D Jameson, Jac Jemc, Soyoung Jung, Dan Kaplan, Daniel Khalastchi, Timothy Liu, Warren Motte, Cecily Parks, Melissa Peters, Alison Powell, Martha Ronk, Tomaz Salamun, Zachary Schomburg, Knute Skinner, Danika Stegeman, David Swerdlow, Susan Terris, Anthony Tognazzini, Jen Tynes, Melissa Walker, Stefi Weisburd, Brandy Whitlock

COVER ART: Jeanne Dunning's work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and internationally since the late 1980s. Her most recent project was a tomato fight that took place in Chicago in 2006, and a selective survey of her work was mounted at the Berkeley Art Museum in the same year. The cover image is a detail of her 2004 photograph In Bed

Volume 41, Number 3, Year: 2007

Spring, 2007

Volume 41, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Erik Anderson on Beverly Dahlen, Antler, Erica Anzalone, Jesse Ball, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Mary Burger, Rene Char translated by Nancy Naomi Calrson, Matthew Cooperman in conversation with Anne Waldman, Brenda Coultas, James Doyle, Thomas Fink on Joseph Lease, Peter Gizzi, Peter Grandbois on Juan Goytisolo, Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr., Herberto Helder translated by Alexis Levitin, Mark Irwin, La Lleca Collective, Alex Lemon, Peter Markus, Jennifer Moss, Laura Mullen, Sawako Nakayasu, Matthew Pennock, Srikanth Reddy, Mark Salerno, Noah Saterstrom, Mathias Svalina, Chad Sweeney, John Taggart, Tony Tost, Letitia Trent, Girija Tropp, Julia Marie Wade, Kerri Webster

COVER ARTIST: Noah Saterstrom has recently exhibited paintings and drawings in New Orleans, Louisiana and Scotland. Memory [Memory], an installation of screenprinted aluminum panels, opened in 2006 at a homeless shelter in Glasgow. Darling is oil on canvas.

Volume 41, Number 2, Year: 2006

Winter, 2006

Volume 41, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Amy Allara, John Ashbery, Brian Baldi, Marvin Bell, Julie Carr, Julie Choffel, Juan Emar translated by Daniel Borzutzky, Karen Garthe, Robert Gluck, Christian Hawkey, Erika Howsare & Jen Tynes, Christine Hume, Lisa Isaacson, Juliana Leslie, Susan McCabe on Brenda Hillman, Carey McHugh, Hoa Nguyen, Caryl Pagel, Marie Potoczny, Tomas Salamun, Zanni Schauffler, Lytton Smith, Joseph Starr, Nathalie Stephens, Susan Tichy, Della Watson, Rosemary Winfield, and John Yau

COVER ARTIST: Alena Hennessy is an artist and designer whose fondness for the color white and little creatures keeps her quite busy. "Garden Bunnies" is acryclic and resin on wood panel.

Volume 41, Number 1, Year: 2006

Fall, 2006

Volume 41, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Eric Baus, Elena Karina Byrne, Valeria Mejer Caso translated by Elizabeth Giancola, Kim Chinquee, Michael Earl Craig, Cynthia Cruz, Thomas Fink on Geoffrey O'Brien, Craig Foltz, Anna Fulford, Noah Eli Gordon, Arielle Greenberg, David Gruber on Mekeel McBride, Kate Hall, Christine Hume, Devin Johnston, John Kinsella, Joshua Kryah, Norman Lock, Rachel Loden, Sarah Mangold, C.J. Martin, Megan Martin, Miranda F. Mellis, Douglas Messerli, Rachel Morgan, Rachel Moritz, Adam Novy, Danielle Pafunda, Alicita Rodriguez, G. David Schwartz, Donna Stonecipher, Terese Svoboda, Allison Titus, Jennifer Tonge, Tony Trigilio, G.C. Waldrep, Teddy Wayne, Jason Whitmarsh, Lesley Yalen

COVER ART: Nina Surel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. Dressed Up is a mixed-media collage. For more information, visit Nina's website.  

Volume 40, Number 4, Year: 2006

Summer, 2006

Volume 40, Number 4

CONTRIBUTORS: Samuel Amadon, Erik Anderson on Ronald Johnson, Stephanie Anderson, Jesse Ball, Joe Bonomo, Geoff Bouvier, Daniel Brenner, Tetman Callis, Joshua Corey, Crystal Curry, Ben Doyle, Sarah Goldstein, Gordon Hadfield, Joshua Harmon, Henry Hart, Anthony Hawley, George Kalamaras, Kristen Kaschock, Karla Kelsey on Sandra Miller, Rachel Y King, Joanna Klink, Aaron Kunin, Ben Lerner, Robert Lopez, Osip Mandelstam translated by Andrey Gritsman, Paul McCormick, Chris McDermott, Sandra Meek, Miranda F. Mellis, Christina Mengert on Keith Waldrop and Michelle Robinson, Sandra Miller, Jenny Mueller, Jenny Noyce, Stephanie Reents, Andrea Rexilius, Lisa Samuels, Zach Savich, Kate Schatz, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Reginald Shepherd, Sasha Steensen, Daniel Tiffany, Elisabeth Whitehead, David Wirthlin

COVER ARTIST: Gwyneth Scally works in Tucson, AZ and exhibits work in museums and galleries throughout the Southwest, in Washington D.C., New York, and Beijing. The Frozen Heart is an oil painting based on a 1910 photograph of Dutch girls found in a junk shop and combined with a scrap of the artist's own writing.

Volume 40, Number 3, Year: 2006

Spring, 2006

Volume 40, Number 3

CONTRIBUTORS: Edward Bartok-Baratta, John Beer, Katherine Bell, Molly Bendall, Bruce Bond, Shane Book, Christophe Casamassima, J'Lyn Chapman, Rene Char translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Adam Clay, Peter Cooley, Matthew Cooperman interviewing Rosmarie Waldrop, Daniel Coudriet, Shira Dentz, Helen Dimos, Sharon Dolin, Eugene Dubnov translated by the author and Justin Lumley, Michael Tod Edgerton, Farnoosh Fathi, John Felstiner, Kass Fleisher, Sarah Gambito, Adrienne Ho, Cynthia Hogue, Thomas Hummel, Jennifer Jean, Bryan Johnson, Karla Kelsey, Drew Kunz, Sarah Manguso, Morton Marcus, Victor Rodriguez Nunez translated by Katherine Hedeen, Pierre Reverdy translated by Dorothy Z. Baker, Martin Riker, Anis Shivani, Abraham Smith, Carolyn Stoloff, Deb Olin Unferth, Jon Woodward, Amy Wright, Brennen Wysong

COVER ARTIST: David Heatley lives in Queens with his wife, Rebecca Gopoian, and their daughter Maya. His comics have appeared in The New York Times, McSweeney's, Kramer's Ergot, and MOME. His book will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2007. "Sprung" is ink on bristol with computer color. Visit him online.

Volume 40, Number 2, Year: 2005

Winter, 2005

Volume 40, Number 2

CONTRIBUTORS: Desiree Alvarez, Craig Arnold, Ingeborg Bachmann translated by Peter Filkins, Michael Boyko, Brigitte Byrd, Mairead Byrne, Christophe Casamassima, Stephen Cope, T. Zachary Cotler, Christopher Davis, John Felstiner, Richard Greenfield, Jeff Hamilton, Joseph Hansen, Henry Hart, Erika Howsare, Mark Irwin, Heather Jessup, Gareth Lee, Alex Lemon, Brian Lennon, Ben Lerner, Timothy Liu, Tod Marshall, Susan Maxwell, Laura Mullen, B.Z. Niditch, Timothy O'Keefe, Kathryn Rantala, Aaryn Richard, Sarah Rosenthal, Gustaf Sobin, Nick Twemlow, Charles Valle, Sarah Vap, Derek White, Leila Wilson, Scott Bryan Wilson, Brian Young, Dean Young, Harriet Zinnes

COVER ART: Laura Mosquera's "A Need for Nothing" is ink on gessoed panel.

Volume 40, Number 1, Year: 2005

Fall, 2005

Volume 40, Number 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Antler, jon b, Jesse Ball, Joshua Beckman, Chad Bennett, Anne Boyer, Gregory Brooker, Amina Cain, Christopher Chambers, Wyn Cooper, Martin Corless-Smith, Mahmoud Darwish translated by Fady Joudah, Eric Elshtain, Clayton Ehleman, Andrew Grace, Brian Henry, David Kirby, Mark Lamoureux, Peter Larkin, David Lau, Mark Levine, Lyn Lifshin, James Magorian, Kristi Maxwell, Aaron McCollough, Miranda Mellis, Jennifer Moxley, Ed Orr, Anna Rabinowitz, Stephen Ratcliffe, Sam Reed, Matt Shears, Carol Snow, Sara Sowers, Bill Stobb, Gary Young

COVER ART: Paul Dutton lives and works in California. "Desert Phantom II" is a photographic study in weathering paint and rusting metal.