Uniting Together as One Community

From 2011 to 2016, our population of Hispanic and Latino students increased by 31.5%, and our international student population also grew by 6.4%. We’re excited by our progress, but we’re striving to do even more.

We recently centralized our campus resources so we can better strengthen all our students and faculty. We’ll continue our progress toward a diverse campus, supported by the merging of ideas at our Diversity Summit and other community events.





Introducing Inclusive Excellence

In 2006, the University of Denver was introduced to the concept of Inclusive Excellence when Dr. Alma Clayton Pedersen, then Vice President for Education and Institutional Renewal with AAC&U, delivered a keynote address at the annual DU Diversity Summit. Several months later, Chancellor Robert Coombe and Provost Gregg Kvistad asked the University's senior leadership to embrace IE and to begin working in conjunction with the Center for Multicultural Excellence to implement it at DU as a framework for DU's commitment to diversity.


Assessing Campus Climate

DU continues to use the Inclusive Excellence framework to drive, inform and assess its actions as a great private institution dedicated to the public good. In addition to the work of individual units (see below), the University conducted an IE Climate Assessment in the winter/spring of 2012, piloted use of the Equity Scorecard™ with several units, developed an IE Strategic Plan (below), and is creating a central IE resources/programs website.


Centralizing Resources

DU Creates the Office of Diversity and Inclusion under the Office of the Provost to focus on the integration of Inclusive Excellence in the classrooms and other aspects of academic life on campus. The Center for Multicultural Excellence joins the Office of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, providing a great focus on student affairs and brings the office to a more central location in the Driscoll Student Center.

First Black History Month Celebration

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Alumni Affairs hosted our First Black History Month Celebration. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock provided accommodations for the celebration, attended by members of DU’s Black community.

New Faculty Hiring Guidelines Produced

The faculty hiring guidelines taskforce produced a set of revised recruitment requirements. Several guidelines are best practices for attracting and hiring a diverse, talented faculty group.

IRISE Expands Funding Opportunities for Post-Docs

IRISE increased its budget by $50,000 and expanded from three post-doctoral scholarships to five. These programs provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students of color.