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Annual DU Women's Conference

The Women's Coalition

22nd Annual Women's Conference

Creating Our Stories:
Challenges, Resilience, and Victories

Friday, February 10, 2017

In the spirit of the Truth About Stories and One DU, the theme of this year's Women's Conference is "Creating Our Stories: Challenges, Resilience, and Victories." Every person has stories that include challenges, resilience, and victories that impacted their own life as well as their community, however that may be defined. These stories may have already captured the attention of an audience, while others have gone untold.

We are seeking workshop proposals that highlight aspects of storytelling and truth, focus on issues of gender and gender equity, and engage a diverse audience. Whether it is a story to be shared, a challenge to be resolved, or a victory to be celebrated, we invite presenters to join us in enhancing participant knowledge and skills development.

We invite conference participants to engage in the conversations and stories surrounding gender and other social justice issues. We encourage them to realize and embrace the reality that stories and storytelling impact individuals of all gender identities.

We hope the conference fosters dialogue on questions such as:

  • How are these stories manifesting culturally, socially, and politically in ways that affect everyone?
  • What can be learned from telling our own story?

Help us reframe these stories as a community to better understand the nature of their impact and move towards inclusive and transformative change.

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