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About Us

Origin of the Center for Colorado's Economic Future

The establishment of the Center for Colorado’s Economic Future in 2007 implemented a key recommendation of the Colorado Economic Futures Panel, which was created by the University of Denver to examine the fiscal health of Colorado's state and local governments and their ability to sustain fundamental public investments appropriate to Colorado's long-term economic vitality. The panel conducted its work from fall 2004 to January 2006.

Recommendations of the Colorado Economic Futures Panel addressed specific constitutional proposals as well as the need to better inform voters about ballot proposals and citizens about state and local government. Specifically, the panel recommended:

"… that an independent, nonpartisan, non-governmental organization be established to conduct ongoing research and provide regular updates to the public on matters related to Colorado’s fiscal health, other significant trends affecting the state’s economy and on proposed initiatives and major legislation relating to taxation and public spending."

The Center for Colorado’s Economic Future is a continuing expression of DU's commitment to contribute to the public good.

What We Do

    Our Mission:

     To inform and enhance the public dialogue on issues affecting Colorado's long term economic health and quality of life by providing pertinent information and highly credible research and analysis.

    Our Vision:

     To be recognized throughout the state as THE trusted source of information and analysis of the impacts of public policy actions on the long term quality of life and competitiveness of the State of Colorado.

    Our Values:

    • Independence
    • Nonpartisanship
    • Objectivity
    • Thoroughness
    • Academic rigor
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Relevance