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Archived Articles and Reports

Health care study

CCEF partnered with the New America Foundation to study the economic consequences of health care reform in Colorado as well as the consequences of maintaining the current system of health coverage and the delivery of health care services.

The study, supported by The Colorado Health Foundation and The Colorado Trust, is intended to help state policy and business leaders make well-informed decisions about the future of health policy in Colorado. A preview of the findings was presented Nov. 10, 2009, at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Health Care Policy Luncheon.

Full report:  "The Future of Colorado Health Care"

Colorado Trust issue brief:  "The Economic Impact of Health Reform in Colorado"

CCEF report:  "A History of Health Insurance in the U.S. and Colorado"

State government budget and finances

November 2009:  "Colorado Tax Expenditures" and "Tax Expenditures Compendium"

July 2009:  "Colorado's State Budget Tsunami"

January 2009:  "Balancing the State Budget"

December 2008:  "Comparing State Revenue Forecasts"

Summer 2008:  "Comparing State and Local Tax Revenue in Colorado"

June 2008:  "Revenue Forecast"

May 2008:  "A Colorado Test"

Spring 2008:  "The Structure of Government in Colorado – Why Should You Care?"

Spring 2008:  "Comparing Colorado's Most Recent State Economic and Revenue Forecasts"

Colorado's economy

February 2009:  "Jobs Picture Bleak for Most Colorado Regions"

December 2008:  "Will Colorado Have a Second Recession in This Decade?"

Spring 2008:  "Strong Employment Growth Continues in April"

Spring 2008:  "Colorado Employment Gains Were Stable in the First Quarter"

Analysis of November 2008 Ballot Issues

October 2008:  "Amendments 52 and 58:  State Severance Taxes"

October 2008:  "The Fiscal Impact of Withdrawing Amendments 53, 55, 56 and 57"

September 2008:  "Referendum O: Citizen-Initiated State Laws and Constitutional Amendments"

September 2008:  "Amendment 59:  Preschool Through 12th-Grade Education Funding"