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Club Kayak


Creating change for a better world.

The oldest and largest private university in the Rocky Mountain region, the University of Denver attracts a diverse, talented community of academics and researchers who are committed to rigorous study, community engagement and global responsibility. Here, you'll find endless opportunities to affect change in your life—and the lives of others.

Contribute to the greater good.

Integrity. Inclusiveness. Ideas that push the limits. These principles define our campus and support a culture dedicated to making life better for people from all backgrounds and circumstances. Whether through art, science or community service, you’ll be able to pour your passion and knowledge into tackling society’s most urgent concerns.

Add your voice to the global conversation.

We're committed to maintaining a globally minded campus and curriculum. Our students and faculty come to us from more than 90 countries around the world. This fosters an environment of discussion and sharing of ideas, insights, and viewpoints, challenging you to think critically and define your own values and beliefs.

Find new ways to improve our world.

Ideas are often the catalyst for change. At the University of Denver, your ideas make a difference. Embrace the arts, and write, paint, sculpt, sing or perform on the world stage. Make the next big breakthrough while conducting research in DU’s unmanned systems or developmental neuropsychology laboratory. Find what inspires you and make an impact. Don’t be afraid to dream big.


DU student working with children
DU student conducting experiments on a boat
DU student experiencing other cultures