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Board of Trustees



The bylaws allow for up to 28 voting board members, divided into four classes of seven members each, all elected and appointed for four-year terms. Trustees may serve no more than a total of three consecutive full terms; however, a Trustee is eligible for re-election to the Board following one year’s absence from Board service. A member of the faculty, elected by the faculty, together with the presidents of the Undergraduate Student Government, the Graduate Student Government, and the Student Bar Association serve as representatives to the Board. These representatives can be requested to attend board meetings, receive Board notices and are entitled to address the Board on matters of mutual interest and concern, but these representatives are not voting members of the Board.

Eligibility and Qualifications

In its deliberations the Nominating and Governance Committee recognizes that there should be an appropriate diversity of skills and representation on the Board. It shall take into account the benefits to be gained from the participation of persons not residing in the Denver metropolitan area, of persons having current political insight, and of educators. Above all it should recognize that the University needs interested, dedicated, knowledgeable and diversified representatives. Prospective Trustees are asked to pledge to make trusteeship one of their most important philanthropic activities and to devote to their duties the time reasonably required. Trustees are required to attend all meetings, but attendance is excused for good cause. Failure to attend at least two of the three regular meetings in any given fiscal year, unless so excused shall be grounds for removal from the Board. A Trustee is deemed present in person at a meeting if using electronic communications.

Selection Process

The Nominating and Governance Committee presents its nominations at the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees each year.  The successors to the Trustees whose terms will next expire are nominated. Successors to the Trustees whose offices are vacant for any cause may be nominated at any meeting of the Board. After nomination by the Board of Trustees, and pending formal election and appointment, any nominee is considered a Trustee-Designate and as such is entitled to attend Board of Trustee meetings and is entitled to the other privileges of trusteeship, including service on any committee. No Trustee-Designate shall, however, be entitled to vote as a Trustee prior to formal election and appointment by the United Methodist Church.