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University of Denver urban farm work


Research & Innovation

Experiment being conducted with headphones

At the University of Denver, research has a concrete purpose. When our faculty and students work in the library or the lab, they keep an eye on the role their work will play in the world. How will it improve people's lives? How will it enhance our understanding? How can it be used to ensure a better future?

Our faculty lead the University community, dedicating themselves to creative, pioneering scholarship. And first-rate scholars collaborate across disciplines in our centers and institutes, which are dedicated to finding real solutions.

But research doesn't end with our professors. We encourage our graduate students and even our undergraduates to perform original scholarship. Working together closely with faculty members, DU students follow their individual passions to places no one has gone before them.

Regardless of what you want to explore or what you want to create, we have the experience, facilities and resources to help you get there.