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Condoleeza Rice

Condoleezza Rice

  • Enrolled at the University of Denver to pursue studies in classical music.
  • A single international relations course changed her worldview.
  • The rest is history.

Students come to the University of Denver to find their true purpose. They go on to careers of distinction and lives of meaning.


Transforming the World: One Pioneer at a Time

Susan ClAassen

An award-winning actress and the managing artistic director of the Tucson's Invisible Theatre, Susan Claassen also is the turbo force behind "A Conversation With Edith Head," a one-woman show she has staged all over the world to glowing reviews.

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Richard Lapchick

For decades, Richard Lapchick has worked to stop violence and promote civil rights. His anti-apartheid efforts earned him an invitation to Nelson Mandela's 1994 inauguration as South Africa's president.

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Charlie Burrell

Bass player and Lamont School of Music alum Charlie Burrell spent a career with one foot tapping to the jazz beats and the other anchored in the classical repertoire. He is known today as the Jackie Robinson of classical music.

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