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Moving Services

Beginning in December of 2006, the Facilities Department started limiting on-campus moves to those that would take only one man-hour or less* to accomplish.   Limitation in our manpower resources demand that we make this change so that Facilities Staff can focus their attention on the our core competencies of buildings and grounds maintenance.

*Examples of one man-hour or less moves would be:
spacera. 1 shelf and a couple of boxes
spacerb. Moving a desk within an office or a short distance within a building
spacerc. 1 or 2 empty filing cabinets within an office or within a building

For larger moves, Facilities has bid out moving services for the University.   Bailey’s Moving and Storage Company has been awarded this contract through December 3, 2009.  If you need to arrange for a move, you should contact them directly at 303-785-0943 and ask for Dee Staton, the Bailey's DU Move Coordinator and Primary Contact. 

Please refer to the Bailey's, University of Denver Moving guide and complete and send a copy of the DU Daily Move Plan to Salvador at Bailey's to initiate your move. You will need to get a PO from our Purchasing Department, prior to your move.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your department, but we feel that ultimately, you will get a more professional move and the campus grounds will benefit from the additional attention from our staff.

If you have any questions about the contract and getting purchase orders for these services, please contact the Purchasing Department. For other questions regarding this change, please contact David Snyder, Facilities Operations Manager at
Ext. 1-4852.

Surplus Furniture and Equipment Sharing / Disposal

The Campus no longer has storage facilities to provide long-term storage for surplus furniture and office furnishings. Therefore, most of the furniture no longer needed by departments can be posted to the new Furniture Share site for repurposing or disposal.  At this time, there is no clean, safe short- or long-term storage area for furniture, boxes or other materials. While the moving crew will take care in moving items, Facilities Management is not responsible for damage to particle board or pressed board furniture because of its unstable nature when moved.

Per University Policy 2.30.050 Departments are responsible for informing the University’s property administrator of any items on the University inventory list which is being discarded. Facilities Management will, at its sole discretion, either store the discarded furniture depending on room in the warehouse or dispose of the furniture in a dump site.