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University of Denver Energy Management Program

Though energy reduction measures have been a priority for the past fifteen years, the Facilities Department has decided to take a more engaged role in the conservation of energy on campus. With energy prices rising and an increased concern of students and faculty with energy use, energy conservation has become an important goal for us as a campus to strive for. The university has partnered with Integrated Energy Solutions of Fort Collins, CO to help develop a sustainable and recognizable campus-wide resource conservation program.

The overall objective of the program is to reclaim funds that we have had to divert to utility expenses and make them available to pay for other energy efficiency projects that will yield additional savings. Though Facilities has always championed cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste such as lighting retro-fits, replacement of inefficient infrastructure, etc, the current energy program is designed to solidify the savings with behavioral changes that are more sensitive to energy use. We want to change the culture regarding energy use and people’s attitude towards energy. In addition, the intent of the program is to reduce our utility expenses by making every university employee an active participant in the sensible control of our electric and gas utility consumption.

We live in a society of over-consumption. By reducing our consumption only to what we need on a daily basis, we can reap the following benefits:

• Reduced emission of Green house gases like carbon dioxide

• Become an example of energy discipline and thus making our university more attractive to potential students and faculty

• Save money that can be diverted to better uses

• Improved life of equipment. By using them less lights, computers, printers, air conditioners etc. last longer

In this site you will find the DU campus energy policy, ways to save, student organizations dedicated to energy reduction and environmental awareness, DU energy facts, building by building usage information and more!