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FML 1.1a - Moving Services and Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment


The purpose of this letter is to outline procedures under which the Facilities Management Department will assist departments with their furniture-moving needs, including the disposal of surplus furniture.  Facilities Management is not staffed to provide major moving services, but it can assist with minor moves as long as adequate lead time is given.

The Campus no longer has storage facilities to provide long-term storage for surplus furniture and office furnishings.  Therefore, most of the furniture no longer needed by departments will be disposed of rather than stored.

General Policies

  • Five (5) working days notice is required for any moving request.  Requests not received within 5 working days will only be accommodated only as our schedule allows.
  •  Moves that require more than four (4) person hours to complete cannot be accommodated.  If, after reviewing the request, the person hours are estimated to be in excess of the maximum, Facilities Management will contact the department to discuss other options.
  •  All requests for moving must be in writing.  Departments may use the attached form to insure the proper information is received by Facilities Management.  Requests may be faxed to 871-4100 or mailed to Facilities Management, 2400 So. Race St.
  • Moving services are a chargeback to departments.  Departments will be charged for the time spent by the moving staff whether contracted out or done “in house”. 
  • Custodial Staff does not move or dispose of furniture and equipment.  Furniture and equipment should not be moved into hallways or stairwells because this is a violation of the Life Safety code and could result in fines being levied against the responsible department.
  • If the moving instructions outlined below are not followed, the moving staff will not perform the move and a minimum charge of 1 hour per assigned mover will be charged to the department.  The move will then need to be rescheduled with another five (5) working days lead time.
  • Moving services do not include emptying of file cabinets, desks or packing up other loose items into boxes.     These services must be provided by the department.
  • At this time, there is no clean, safe short- or long-term storage area for furniture, boxes or other materials.
  • While the moving crew will take care in moving items, Facilities Management is not responsible for damage to particle board or pressed board furniture because of its unstable nature when moved.
  • Per University Policy 2.30.050 Departments are responsible for informing the University’s property administrator of any items on the University inventory list which is being discarded.
  • Facilities Management will, at its sole discretion, either store the discarded furniture depending on room in the warehouse or dispose of the furniture in a dump site.

Instructions for a Successful Move

  • Designate someone from the department to be in charge of the move.  This person should know where each item is to be moved and can make decisions during the move.
  •  List all the large furniture items, along with their sizes, to be moved (e.g., cabinets, bookshelves, desks).  Do not add items to the list while the movers are there.
  •  Box the contents of desks, bookshelves and cabinets prior to the movers’ arrival.  Boxes and tape can be provided upon request (with a charge of $1.40 per box for boxes not returned and $2.50/roll of tape).
  •  Boxes should not weigh over 50 pounds and must be strong enough to handle contents.
  •  Leave standard four- or five-drawer file cabinets full if the move takes place on the same level or if there is an elevator in the building. Contents may need to be boxed if they are too heavy to lift onto the dolly.  If the move is between floors and there is no elevator, items in the file cabinets must be boxed.
  • Box up the contents of lateral (horizontal) file cabinets, even if the move is on the same level.
  •  Disconnect computers, faxes, printers and other equipment before the movers arrive.  Movers will not reconnect them.
  •  Identify clearly the items that are to be discarded by the movers.
  •  Since Facilities Management does not have a covered moving van, inclement weather may force the rescheduling of moves between buildings.  During snowstorms, moves will need to be rescheduled, because snow removal operations take precedent.
  •  Whenever possible, move people and paper, not furniture.  This helps prolong the life of your office furniture, as well as minimizing the exposure to injury to the movers.


Approved by:   



Jeff Bemelen, Director of Facilities Mgmt.


Effective Date:  July 1, 1995.   Revised Date:  January 1st, 2005

attachment:  Moving Services and Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment