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FML 1.5 - Special Project Requests


Incidents have occurred where departments have contracted outside the University for space modifications without coordinating their efforts through Facilities Management. As a result, problems such as code or legal violations, duplicated work or budget problems have resulted. The Offices of Facilities Management and the University Architect need to be consulted for all space modifications to ensure that the work a department has contracted meets all code and legal requirements and maintains University standards.

In an effort to provide more structure to the process, improve communication and ensure professional attention to each project, the Department of Facilities Management has created procedures to follow when a department wishes to undertake a special project involving buildings.


Facilities Management serves as a resource to department to determine the project scope, develop cost estimates, select consultants and contractors, receive and analyze bids, award the work, monitor the contractor’s performance and coordinate the department’s timeline and budget.

Departments provide initial program scope and requirements by completing a Special Project Cost Estimate Request Form, financial resources and a department liaison to coordinate the project with Facilities Management.


  1. Department completes Part I of a Special Project Cost Estimate Request form to initiate project consideration and sends the form to Facilities Management.
  2. Director of Facilities Management assigns a Facilities Management Project Manager.
  3. Project Manager makes an initial contact with the department liaison within seven working days. They discuss the request and agree upon a date by which the cost estimate will be completed. As part of this step, the Project Manager determines whether a cost estimate can be done in-house or will require outside expertise. If outside expertise is required, the department is required to provide a budget number to cover the cost of retaining a consultant.
  4. Project Manager completes Part II of the Special Project Cost Estimate Form and returns it to the requesting department before the agreed-upon date. Part II details the scope, cost and project status.
  5. Department then has the following choices: (1) authorize the project by providing a budget number, (2) put the project on hold pending funding or (3) cancel the project.
  6. Once a project is authorized to start, the project manager follows standard procedures for special projects.

Approved by:


Jeff Bemelen, Director of Facilities Mgmt.

Effective Date: March 16, 1998

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