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FML 2.5 - Driving on Sidewalks and Landscaping


One key responsibility of Facilities Management is to keep the campuses of the University of Denver looking well-kept and beautiful for the enjoyment of everyone who uses them.  The purpose of this procedure is to prevent, to the greatest extent possible, damage to the campus grounds during the performance of this and other maintenance responsibilities. 


The driving of University vehicles over sidewalks and landscaped areas is highly discouraged and allowed under only limited conditions.  Such driving may occur only when other means of reaching a work site are not readily-achievable and for only the amount of time necessary to off-load materials.


  • Vehicles are not allowed to park in all designated fire lanes (including the West side of College of Law) and additionally along Warren Circle in front of the Mary Reed Building at any time.
  • A vehicle may be driven on sidewalks to reach a work site if equipment, materials or tools need to be transported there.  Care must be taken to remain on the sidewalk to avoid damage to sprinkler systems, sod and landscaping.
  •  A vehicle may be parked on sidewalks or landscaping only long enough to off-load necessary equipment, materials and tools.  It must then be relocated to an approved parking site.
  • Employees found in violation of these procedures will be disciplined under Work Rule Infraction, Group II, No. 8, as follows:  “Employees shall not engage in unauthorized use of University facilities or property.”


Approved by:   



Jeff Bemelen, Director of Facilities Mgmt.



Effective Date:  May 16, 1996             Revised:  January 1st, 2005