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FML 2.8 - Essential Personnel


The purpose of this letter is to define essential personnel in the Facilities Management Department during emergency closures of the University of Denver.

General Policies

Upon occasion, circumstances may require the emergency closing of the University.  The functions of the Facilities Management Department are still required to be performed during such periods of time.  Therefore, all employees of the Department of Facilities Management are deemed to be essential personnel and are required to report for regular work shifts during emergency closures.


  • Employees should make every effort to report to work for their regular work shift (or at such time they are called in to work) during an emergency closure.
  • If circumstances prevent an employee from being able to report to work, he or she shall contact the immediate supervisor or the Main Office of Facilities Management to leave a message to that effect.
  • Any employee who reports to work will receive compensation at the regular rate.  In addition, an equivalent number of hours will be added to his or her vacation accrual, for use at a later date.


Approved by:   



Jeff Bemelen, Director of Facilities Mgmt.



Effective Date:  July 1, 1997   Revised:  January 1st , 2005