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FML 2.11 - Flex-time Schedules


The purpose of this memo is to outline policies and procedures for flex-time work schedules in the Facilities Management Department.

General Policies:

The University of Denver has a general policy permitting flex-time work schedules within certain parameters (Reference:  University Policy 3.10.030).  These are:

  • Management approval is required in advance for a specific flex-time work schedule.
  • The flex-time schedule must accommodate the requirements of the department.
  • As an alternative to the standard 8:00am to 4:30pm work week, employees may request flex-time work schedule under which employees could normally begin their workdays anytime between 7:00am and 9:00am on the hour or half hour.


A.  The Facilities Management Department will permit flex-time schedules in Shops under certain circumstances, as follows:

  • The flex-time schedule must be approved by the Shop Foreman and submitted to the appropriate manager e.g., (Director of Physical Plant, Director of Building Service, Custodial Services Director, Operations Director and Assistant Director of Facilities) for final approval, prior to implementation.
  • Any staff member who is working a flexible schedule must start work promptly at the beginning of the flexible work shift.
  • Flex-time schedules are superseded by emergency operations, such as snow removal.
  • Due to the variable shifts that are worked in Facilities Management – flex-time within the Facilities Department will not always meet parameter 3 as outlined in the University Policy 3.10.030 but it will follow the other two parameters

All employees should work a set schedule.  The Facilities Director should be apprised of this schedule and the other Administrative Staff, including office personnel should be aware of these schedules. Approved flex schedules must follow all other University Policies, provisions under the Union contract, state and federal statutes.

Approved by: 


Jeff Bemelen, Director of Facilities Mgmt.

Effective Date:  August 1, 1997  Revised:  January 15th, 2005