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workshops from university libraries

(Jan. 17, 2017) Each quarter the reference librarians offer a number of free workshops on a variety of topics and resources. This quarter they are offering online and in-person workshops on afternoons and evenings throughout the week. Workshop offerings this quarter include: "Finding, Using and Editing Online Images," "Read All About It! Evaluating News Sources," "Navigate Your Research with Compass," "Literature Reviews," and several more. View the complete list of workshops for winter 2017.

Experiential learning and public speaking: Using a TED type talk to teach public speaking

Wednesday, Jan. 25, noon-1 p.m.—OTL conference room (AAC room 345)
(Jan. 17, 2017) Ann Vessels teaches the Semester in Practice Seminar at the Sturm College of Law, a seminar that focuses on professional identity and public speaking for students who are working full time in the field. Public speaking is critical for all lawyers (and for students entering just about any field), and after many years of trying out various methods, Ann has found TED type talks to be a very successful means of teaching public speaking and bringing out the learning of students' experiences. In this Faculty Showcase, Ann will share how she prepares students for the TED type talk, the assignment, and how the talks live on after the class through videos students use when interviewing. Please register

Facilitating discussions for critical thinking

Monday, Jan. 30, 2-3:30 p.m.—OTL conference room (AAC room 345)
(Jan. 17, 2017) Discussions are common teaching methods for promoting critical thinking and reflective thought among students. However, discussions can suffer from surface-level responses, uneven participation and a lack of direction. In this workshop, participants will explore a framework for facilitating discussions toward deeper inquiry and have a chance to practice dissecting a discussion. We will share and explore best practice in facilitation as well as appropriate question stems and questioning strategies. Please register

Clickers in large classes: Dynamic learning and live assessment

Wednesday, Jan. 18, noon-1 p.m.—OTL conference room (AAC room 345)
(Jan. 10, 2017) Peer instruction devices (clickers) are a great tool to engage large classrooms providing live feedback on the understanding of discussed topics. This faculty showcase will focus on the use of clicker devices as a way of immediate assessment that allows the instructor to identify the concepts that are clear to the students, as well as detecting more challenging concepts and ideas that may need more attention. Based on the results of a One New Thing mini-grant from the Office of Teaching and Learning, Erika Trigoso Rubio will share the improvement of clicker questions in two large core curriculum classes. The showcase will focus on the transition between static and descriptive clicker questions to more dynamic and active inquiries that help engage a large number of students. Please register

Patent Basics

Thursday, Jan. 19, noon-1 p.m.—Engineering and Computer Science Building, room 410
(Jan. 3, 2017) Join the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for this lunch-and-learn workshop on the basics of patents, to educate faculty about the patent application process. RSVP to by Jan. 16.