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HR News

November-December 2012


(Dec. 4, 2012) Trouble getting dinner on the table after work? Dream Dinners offers meal assembly for quick, easy and healthy dinners. Each of the five Colorado locations now offers a 10 percent discount for DU employees. Simply order online and show your Pioneer Card at pick up.


(Nov. 14, 2012) The University of Denver is committed to full compliance with state and federal laws. To meet this compliance commitment, the University needs to know when there are potential compliance problems. The University's anonymous ethics, compliance and financial hotline allows you to voice your concern when you suspect there has been or may be an issue. You are also encouraged to contact the University if you merely have a question as to whether conduct is compliant.

It is hard to predict what questions you might have or problems you might see. But here are some examples of common issues at colleges and universities:

You might see improper practices regarding monies, reimbursements, University accounts or other financial issuesYou might believe that a program at the University is not managed in compliance with lawYou might see conduct that makes you think there is likely a compliance issue, but you cannot figure out what it might beYou might see safety issues or conduct that appears outside of proper guidelinesYou might see conduct that appears to violate University policiesYou might see a problem that appears to violate state or federal laws

Reporting your concerns and asking compliance questions is easy. Just follow the link to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Internal Audit webpage to find out how. Our team independently assesses the University's operations. Our reporting lines directly to the chancellor and to the audit committee of the Board of Trustees, underscoring the University's commitment to ensuring our work can be done with objectivity. The University prohibits any sort of retaliation for bringing forth a concern.

Of course, if you suspect criminal activity on campus or see conduct that raises immediate safety concerns, you should contact Campus Safety at 303-871-3000, or call 911.