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February-March 2013


(March 26, 2013) The Colorado Civil Union Act, passed by the state general assembly earlier this month, provides thousands of committed gay and lesbian couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities. The University's Human Resources Office is assessing what if any changes may be needed to our current plans and offerings as a result of this legislation. Stay tuned to DU Digest and other internal communications for more information. The bill will go into effect on May 1, 2013.


(March 26, 2013) Mix it Up is a campus-wide team competition focused on healthy eating. It may be the simplest nutrition program ever—no calorie counting, no fat gram tabulating, no weighing or measuring. Join your co-workers in this produce competition. You've got two weeks to register before the fun kicks off on April 8. Join a team or go it alone!

Visit the well@du website to see how it works!


(March 19, 2013) Benefited employees: Learn more about HelloWallet, an online finance wellness tool, by watching this short video demonstration. The University's Human Resources Office provides this new service to benefited employees free of charge to you. To sign up, go directly here.

NOTE: PSCU members are now able to obtain credit union account information through the use of HelloWallet.


Based on successful strategies, this 8-week, on-campus, in-person program provides the education, accountability, and support for benefited University employees interested in weight loss and weight management. Learn more and RSVP.


(March 12, 2013) The 2013 Charitable Giving Campaign, "Be a Catalyst for Public Good," is kicking off through the rest of this week. To learn more about the campaign visit the online pledge website or talk to your unit's Giving Team Leader. If you don't know who your Giving Team Leader is, see this list.

You may make a one-time or recurring donation to United Way, Partnership for Colorado, the University of Denver or a charity of your choice by using the charity lookup tool on the pledge website (click on "Main Menu" on the upper left and select "charity lookup tool"). Last year we donated more than $40,000 to over 300 charities across Colorado.


(March 5, 2013) See who joined the University community in January and February; download our new hires list (DOC).

Health Care Reform FAQs

(Feb. 26, 2013) Frequently asked questions from the Health Care Reform education and information sessions are now available in PioneerWeb (Employee tab, Employee Resources).


(Feb. 26, 2013) Benefited employees: You have received some email communication about HelloWallet, an online finance wellness tool. Over 200 employees have already signed up, and Nicole Chauvet at University College won the iPad mini! To learn more about what this tool can do for you, read the HelloWallet FAQs and sign up for a webinar:
• Tuesday, March 5, 9 a.m., register online
• Wednesday, March 6, noon, register online
• Thursday, March 7, 3 p.m., register online

2013 Charitable Giving Campaign - Be a Catalyst for Public Good

(Feb. 19, 2013) The 2013 Charitable Giving Campaign is about to kick off. The campaign, which benefits Mile High United Way and Partnership for Colorado, is an opportunity for each of us to "be a catalyst for public good" in a tangible way by making a one-time or recurring donation to general needs, a specific agency or an interest area of our choice. Last year, we donated more than $40,000 to over 300 agencies across the state of Colorado.

To make the campaign successful, we are asking for Giving Team Leader volunteers from every unit – people who are sincerely interested in this project. The role of the Giving Team Leader is to share information about the campaign within your unit and encourage fellow employees to make a pledge. Please tell your unit's HR Liaison if you are interested in volunteering as a team leader (if you are unsure who your HR Liaison is, see the departmental list (PDF)).

For more information visit the online pledge website. Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Josh Navarro (303-871-7726) or Molly Boland (303-871-4287) in Human Resources.

Wellness Counts Update

(Feb. 19, 2013) More than 400 DU employees have already enrolled in the Wellness Counts program! Enroll and complete the program by May 15 to earn a $250 premium incentive. If you cover a spouse/partner, earn $500 when you both complete the program. Enroll now to ensure you have time to complete the program.

2013-2014 Wellness Incentive Program

(Feb. 12, 2013) For benefited faculty and staff: The next health insurance plan year (beginning July 1, 2013) Wellness Incentive Program has launched! Save $250/$500 on your insurance premium. 

HR Learning and Development Opportunities

(Feb. 5, 2013) The University of Denver's Talent Management department in HR can work with your division, department or unit to create custom learning opportunities and facilitate team-building workshops. See the Winter 2013 Learning and Development course offerings, page 2, for information on assessment tools available.