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November 2012

Thrive Across America Winners

(Nov. 27, 2012) DU's Thrive Across America ended with some impressive numbers by University of Denver teams:

  • 65 teams participated
  • 57 reported average minutes of physical activity that met or exceeded the recommended goal of 30 minutes, five times a week
  • 41 teams had averages of 30-plus minutes per day
  • 24 teams have averages of 40-plus minutes per day
  • 13 teams had averages of 50-plus minutes per day

DU employees can keep using the tracking software to be accountable for daily physical activity. If you haven't signed up, check it out. And see which DU teams were winners below.

Congratulations to the following University of Denver Thrive Across America teams whose participation in this wellness program was a winner:

First Place: Winning iPad2s!

  • Running Numbers (Risk, BFA, Athletics & Recreation, Controllers, Human Resources) Andrew Stephenson, Joseph Bogner, Scott Farina, Angela Ramlet, Loc Trang
  • Pretty, Skinny, & Rich (Student Life) Zachary Porter, Dennis Jackson, Deborah Bain, Jill Duffy, Amanda Harris, Carrie Ponikvar
  • How does that make you feel? (Student Life) Jacaranda Palmateer, Scott Cypers, Alexis Heimann, Kimberly Mathewson, Sarah Wilson

Second Place: Winning Nooks!

  • Los Flacos (Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management) Jill Hartman, David Corsun, Dawne Hostetter, Cindy Koch, Mary Kay Mauro, Cheri Young

Third Place: Winning = Nike+ Sport pack (sensors for iPod or iPhone) OR fitness ball!

  • R-Ballers (DCB & Registrar) Ben Gerig, Evin Boyle, Ken England, Kenny Metcalfe, Paul Myskiw

Thrive Luncheon
The Top Ten teams will receive an invitation to attend our Thrive Luncheon at HRTM.

Top Ten Teams include:

  • Running Numbers (Risk, BFA, Athletics & Recreation, Controllers, Human Resources)
  • Pretty, Skinny, & Rich (Student Life)
  • How does that make you feel? (Student Life)
  • Los Flacos (Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management)
  • R-Ballers (DCB & Registrar)
  • Super Commuters (Student Life, GSSW)
  • Your Mom Works Out (University College)
  • Bursar Betties (Busar's Office)
  • Destination i-Pad (Graduate Studies)
  • SL Gets Physical (Student Life)

If you make it halfway through the Thrive virtual tour you will receive a free pedometer. To be eligible for this prize, you'll need to have logged 1,200 minutes during the 8-week challenge period ending Nov. 18, 2012. (You'll reach halfway by averaging 30 minutes a day, five days a week for eight weeks.) Please stop by the Mary Reed Building, Room 403, to pick up your pedometer!

University Wellness Program Helps Bursar's Office Step it Up

(Nov. 14, 2012) Two Thrive Across America teams. One in the top five in team rankings. bursar thriveHealthy potlucks?

Something good is happening in the Office of the Bursar, so we talked to Janet Burkhardt, assistant director, to learn more.According to Janet, it was a natural fit that employees in the Bursar's office signed up for Thrive Across America, the 8-week challenge sponsored by well@du to encourage physical activity among employees.

"Most people in this office are pretty active," Janet says. "I exercise regularly, but I was falling off on weekends. When people started talking about Thrive, I saw it as a way to push myself."

Organizing a group activity was easy for the Bursar's office. Janet says they have an ongoing morale committee, which took on the task of organizing the department's involvement in Thrive. The group had a Thrive Across America sign-up event, and they had so many people interested, they needed to form two teams – the Bursar Betties and Bursar Bruisers.

"At our kickoff, we had a potluck where people brought in healthy snacks," she continues. "We had each person state their goals for participation in the Thrive program and commit to supporting each other.

"We've found that Thrive is helping build stronger relationships with our co-workers. If someone is having a stressful day, others are suggesting taking a short walk together to relieve stress. When one of our team members reported having difficulty working out on weekends, a co-worker suggested the two text each other to provide motivation and encouragement. We're finding ways to be competitive with our activity points in our normal work days, and people are discovering that a quick 10-minute walk is helping productivity."

Janet made exercising five days a week her goal when starting Thrive. She's doing seven days a week because of the program, and her husband has been motivated to match her daily workouts. "It doesn't have to be going to the gym every day," she says. "One day I walked up and down the 42 stairs in our Victorian-era home, just to get in an activity."

She says the key is to find different ways to put in a few extra minutes of activity each day.

Thrive is delivering unexpected benefits to the Bursar's office. Janet says their two teams include some employees who exercised little or not at all before the program. "People are inspired to do anything to get moving because they don't want to let their team down. For some people, it's as simple as taking regular walks, and they're seeing a positive difference in their appearance as a result."

Thanks to Thrive, employees in the Bursar's office expect to continue exercising after the program ends Nov. 18. "Employees say it makes them feel good, as a group we're talking about physical activity more and chocolate as the snack of choice is going away," Janet says.

"The most important thing is that we like our co-workers so much, we want them all to be healthy.