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January 2013

Disability Coalition Awards University College's Pat Greer

(Jan. 15, 2013) Pat Greer, academic director with the University of Denver's University College, was presented the Lucille Weiss Award by the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC).

Greer awardPat was honored for her work in helping CCDC form a partnership with University College to provide on-campus support for the CCDC's certified advocacy training. This partnership helped to expand the CCDC's ability to reach potential advocates for Colorado's disabled community from among University of Denver students, younger people in general and non-disabled supporters of civil rights in the community as a whole.

In presenting the award, the CCDC noted Pat's commitment to promoting education through innovative means and bridging broader communities to foster awareness and enrichment in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

The CCDC's Advocacy Program trains individuals with disabilities to become non-attorney advocates, something no other advocacy agency in the United States does today. Certified CCDC advocates also learn how to represent the civil rights of individuals with all types of disabilities, as well as how to uphold the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The award is named after Lucille Weiss, a CCDC board member and passionate supporter of many other disability related nonprofits. The CCDC presents the award each year to a member of the community who promotes education for people with disabilities and its natural integration and overlap in broader community based settings.

(Pictured above in photo is Pat Greer, with Peter DeHaas of the CCDC)