Report a Private Scholarship

2013-14 Academic Year

If you have received a private scholarship from an outside organization (or expect to receive one), please report it here so it can be added to your financial aid award.

* indicates required information.

Student information:

*First Name:
*Student ID:
*Email Address:

*Name of scholarship:

*Name and contact information of the scholarship provider:

*Total amount of scholarship:

*Term of scholarship:

Unless otherwise specified by the donor, most scholarships will be split evenly over fall, winter and spring quarters (or fall and spring semesters if you're a law student). Is this scholarship for the entire year? Or for one term only?


Do you have any questions or comments for Financial Aid about this scholarship?

Your financial aid eligibility is limited by the cost of attendance and your expected family contribution. Therefore, if you receive additional aid (such as a grant, scholarship, or tuition benefit) from outside the University of Denver, we may have to adjust your financial aid award package. We will first reduce student loans, then work-study, before reducing any DU scholarships or grants. In some cases, however, additional outside awards that must pay toward tuition charges may result in the reduction of a DU scholarship or grant that is also restricted to tuition. We will notify you if any change is necessary.


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