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Winter Financial Aid Update

In this update:

  • Winter quarter disbursement of aid and refunds
  • Applying for aid for the 2016-17 academic year
  • Aid for Interterm classes
  • University closed for winter break
  • Upcoming important dates

Winter Quarter Disbursement of Aid & Refunds

Your DU tuition bill is due on December 25th. On that date, your financial aid for winter quarter will disburse to your student account and will pay toward your charges—as long as all financial aid requirements are satisfied.

In order to receive your financial aid, you must:

  1. be registered for at least 4 credits,
  2. have accepted your financial aid through PioneerWeb, and
  3. have no outstanding requirements on the Student tab of PioneerWeb, (which is indicated by a red flag).

Expecting a refund? If your financial aid is more than the total of your charges, a refund will be generated by the Bursar's Office on Tuesday, December 29th. If you haven't done so already, we recommend setting up direct deposit to receive your refund sooner. If you have direct deposit, you can expect to see your refund on your bank account on December 30th.

Remember: DU Health insurance is only charged in the fall and spring quarters, so if you are expecting a refund for winter quarter, it may be higher than you anticipated. Did you know you can calculate your estimated refund through PioneerWeb? Go to the Student tab and click on the "Student Account by Term" link in the Financial Aid Awards box. Then, subtract your total "Term Credits and Payments" from "Term Charges." If the result is a positive number, you'll receive that amount in a refund.

We frequently have students ask, "Can I get my refund sooner?" The short answer: no. We are prohibited by federal regulations to disburse financial aid funds any sooner than 10 days before the start of the quarter. Since winter quarter begins on January 4th, we can't disburse funds any sooner than December 25th.

Learn more about billing and disbursement >>

Applying for Aid for the 2016-17 Academic Year

It's already time to start thinking about applying for financial aid for next year! Remember: if you wish to receive any federal aid (including loans) you must reapply for financial aid every year you attend DU.

How to Apply:
Complete the 2016-17 FAFSA (available January 1st).

When to Apply:
The priority deadline for current students is March 15th.

What You'll Need:
All of your 2015 tax information, including your completed tax return. If you are unable to file your return before completing the FAFSA, you may use estimates. However, if you use estimates, please go back to to correct your application using IRS Data Retrieval once your tax return has been accepted by the IRS.

We will begin sending 2016-17 financial aid award letters to those with completed applications in early June.

Learn more about applying for financial aid or download the application checklist.

Aid for Interterm Classes

Remember: Federal loans are not available to pay for interterm classes. If you are taking an Interterm course and need financing, you may want to consider borrowing a private education loan.

The terms and conditions of private loan programs vary, so you should carefully review the details of your loan options before selecting a lender. We encourage you to utilize our Preferred Lender List to compare lenders according to overall cost, interest rate, and repayment benefits.

Learn more about private education loans >>

University Closed for Winter Break

As a reminder, the University of Denver is closed from Friday, December 25th through Friday, January 1st. Since our office is included in the closure, we highly encourage you to make sure all of your financial aid requirements for winter quarter are satisfied before the break. Doing this will help you avoid late fees, and will ensure you get your refund in a timely manner.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Friday, December 25th - Friday, January 1st: Winter holiday - University closed
  • Friday, December 25th: Financial aid disbursement for winter quarter
  • Tuesday, December 29th: Financial aid refunds for winter quarter generated by the Bursar's Office
  • Thursday, January 1st: 2016-17 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available
  • Monday, January 4th: First day of classes for winter quarter
  • Sunday, January 10th: Last day to add or drop classes at 100% for winter quarter
  • Monday, January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day - University closed
  • Sunday, March 15th: Priority deadline for current students to apply for 2016-17 financial aid

If you have any questions about the information in this update, please contact us! Happy holidays!

Financial Aid Staff

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