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Fall 2011 Financial Aid Newsletter


Message from the Director of Financial Aid

Dear Student,

If you are among the many law students who rely on some form of aid to pay for school, some of your time is going to be spent interacting with the Office of Financial Aid. We understand you came to DU to get a first-rate education, and don't expect you to be an expert in financial aid. That's why we have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you navigate the process and make the most of your financial aid awards.

We also make every effort to keep you informed of changes to and requirements for your financial aid with frequent and timely communication (like this newsletter, for instance). And, the Financial Aid website makes navigating and retrieving financial aid information easier than ever.

Be on the lookout for the messages we send your way--they likely contain important information about your financial aid status. And the next time you have a question about your financial aid, give us a call at 303.871.4020 or email us at We welcome your feedback and want to ensure the personalized attention you receive in the classroom continues in our office.

Last, you may have questions about the federal debt ceiling discussions that are currently taking place between Congress and the President. At this time, the University is pursuing all avenues open to us to ensure that federal loan funds will be received in a timely manner. However, there may be a delay in issuing student refunds resulting from Direct Loans if the Federal Government delays disbursement of funds to the University. If this occurs, we will notify you as soon as we have the information.

Chris George
Director of Financial Aid

Accepting Your Financial Aid Package

If you have not already done so, please view and accept your financial aid award online to ensure you receive your aid in a timely manner. To accept your award:

  1. Log into PioneerWeb.
  2. Go to the "Student" tab and click on "View and Accept Award Offer."
  3. Select the 2011-2012 Aid Year.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of your financial aid funding on the "Terms and Conditions" tab.
  5. Click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab to accept, reduce or decline each award.

After you have accepted your award, go back to the "Student" tab and view the "Financial Aid Requirements" to make certain that you have completed all other steps necessary to receive your financial aid. If you recently completed these requirements, please allow 2-3 business days for your webCentral account to be updated.

Paperwork for First-Time Direct Loan Borrowers

If you have accepted a Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan for the first time as a law student, you will need to complete two additional steps before these loan funds can be disbursed to your student account: a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling. Both of these items can be completed online through To access this site, you will need to log in using your personal information and FAFSA PIN. Students who borrowed these loans last year do not need to complete these steps again.

Supplemental Loan Options

A Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan is also offered to you as a part of your financial aid package. This loan is not guaranteed financing, and requires a credit check before it can be approved. All borrowers need to request a Direct PLUS Loan and complete a Master Promissory Note online through

Some students prefer to apply for a private education loan instead of a PLUS Loan. These loans also require a credit check and can be certified up to a student's cost of attendance (minus all other financial aid). Learn more about private loans before applying directly with a lender of your choice.

Disbursement of Aid and Refunds

In order for your financial aid to disburse to your student account, your loans must be accepted, all requirements must be completed (which can be verified on the Student tab of PioneerWeb) and you must be registered at least half-time (4 credits) by 08/02/2011. If you will register for classes at a later date or have not completed your loan requirements, disbursement will be delayed.

Financial aid funds will disburse to your DU tuition account no earlier than 10 days prior to the start of each semester. If the amount of aid that disburses is greater than the amount you owe to DU for the fall semester, the Bursar's office will generate a refund to you for the difference. This typically occurs within two business days of disbursement. For the fall semester, the disbursement date is 08/05/2011 and refunds will be generated starting on 08/09/2011.

To expedite the receipt of your refund, we recommend utilizing direct deposit. To sign up for direct deposit, log into PioneerWeb, go to the "Student" tab and click on "Update Bank Account" under "My Statement."

**Important note: There can be delays with the disbursement of loan funds and the processing of refunds. Therefore, do not rely on these funds to make August rent payments or grocery and book purchases prior to the start of classes. Please have funds available to assist you with these expenses as refunds will not be available until after you have registered and completed all required steps.

Enrollment Changes and Cost of Attendance

Your cost of attendance (or student budget) is based on enrollment in 12-15 credits/semester if you are a day student and 8-11 credits/semester if you are an evening student. At the end of the 100% add/drop period (August 29th for fall semester), the Office of Financial Aid will check your enrollment status and adjust your cost of attendance to reflect your actual enrollment. If you enroll in fewer credits than estimated in your current cost of attendance, your student budget will be reduced. This may result in a reduction to your loan funds, and you will be responsible for returning any funds for which you are not eligible back to DU.


In this issue:

Important Fall Dates:

August 9: Financial Aid refunds become available

August 15: First day of classes

August 29: Last day to add or drop classes at 100%

September 5: Labor Day--University closed

November 21: Last day of fall semester

November 22-30: Reading days

December 1-15: Final exams

Graduating Early?

If you will be graduating at the end of the fall semester, or don't plan to enroll for both fall and spring semesters, please complete an Adjustment for Partial Year Attendance form so that we can adjust your aid accordingly. Completing this form will ensure that you are maximizing the best possible student loan options.

Interterm Funding

Interterms at DU are not eligible for federal financial aid. If you plan to enroll in interterm credits, you can increase your student budget to reflect the additional credits; however, you will need to pursue private education loan options to help finance an interterm course.

Consortium Agreements

If you will be studying abroad or with another law school during any semester, you will need to complete a consortium agreement in order to receive financial aid. Once this agreement is processed, financial aid will disburse to your student account according to DU's disbursement schedule. Funds cannot disburse early to fit with your host school's start dates, and you will be responsible for paying the charges at your host school once a refund has been generated. Learn more about consortium through the Financial Aid website.

Office of Financial Aid Contact Information

University Hall 255
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208-9401

Tel: 303.871.4020
Fax: 303.871.2341


Office Hours:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mountain Time
Monday - Friday

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