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Ascend - The Campaign for the University of Denver

Thanks to you, ASCEND is a success

ASCEND: The Campaign for the University of Denver has transformed our University. By joining together to support scholarships and strengthen the student experience, we have accomplished what we set out to achieve. Thanks to you, our students are ready to lead in the coming decades. And so is our University.

Ritchie's $1 million gift to Lamont is matched by DU

The endowed A $1 million commitment to the University of Denver from Chancellor Emeritus Daniel Ritchie will be matched by the University...

More than 5,000 donors built a catalyst for campus connection

Since its opening in the spring of 2013, Anderson Academic Commons has become the hub of intellectual life at the University of Denver…

Outpouring of support opens the door to first generation student

As Cameron Simmons dedicates himself to his studies, his community, and his future, scholarships are paving the way…

Global support for ASCEND campaign

Members of the DU community from Alaska to Austrailia gave to DU.

New Computer Science wing educates students about innovators in their field

Robert and Judi Newman hope to engage the minds and talents of University of Denver students through their gift to computer science.

Campaign Facts

  • 47,410
    Supporters of DU
    gave more than
    $480 million
  • 576
    new scholarships
    were established
  • The University's endowment
    more than doubled to nearly
    $450 million
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Ascend — The Campaign for the University of Denver