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  • Narrative Therapy

    Innovations in Narrative Therapy with Co-Founder David Epston

    Friday-Saturday 9/23-24, 2016
    Sturm, University of Denver
    Hosted by the Center for Professional Development

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    The Center for Professional Development in collaboration with the International Disaster Psychology Program's Trauma and Disaster Recovery Clinic at the University of Denver are excited to offer a conference "Innovations in Narrative Therapy" presenting exciting developments in a therapeutic approach engaging individuals and communities globally. David Epston (Auckland, New Zealand), a co-founder of Narrative therapy in partnership with Michael White, will be joined by Travis Heath (Metropolitan State University of Denver and marcela polanco(Phd program in specializing with Spanish speaking populations, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas) in inviting the audience to explore innovative practices and applications of this approach to psychotherapy; an approach involving the listening for and telling of stories, utilizing language and politics to shape narratives of hope and change. Read more about the experts here.

    David, Travis and marcela will work alongside conference participants to inspire curiosity, creativity, and skill-development through participatory workshops focused on the latest innovations in narrative therapy practice. These novel and culturally-informed approaches broaden and deepen the mental health professional's abilities to approach therapeutic practice in fresh and effective ways.

    Learn more or register at CPD's website.


  • Shield

    Forensic Field Guide Series: Anatomy of a School Shooting

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016 
    6 - 9 PM
    University of Denver
    Hosted by the Center for Professional Development

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    On September 27, 2006, Duane Morrison entered Platte Canyon High School (PCHS). He took seven girls hostage and, for five hours, police, negotiators and SWAT teams tried to secure the girls' safe release. Ultimately, six of the girls survived but Morrison shot 16-year-old Emily Keyes and himself.

    Join Chris Schaefer, Agent in Charge with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and lead investigator on this case, as he walks you through the events that unfolded that day and then takes you through the years-long investigation that has developed since.

    Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but if we don't learn from these events, we are doomed to see them repeated. Learn about the planning and actions that PCHS and local law enforcement did right, ultimately limiting the scope of the tragedy. How might mental health professionals have caught the signs of a deteriorating mind before Morrison ever got to the campus? What are the still-unknown facts and clues into Morrison's motives that plague agents who investigated the case?

    School administrators, mental health professionals, criminal justice professionals and legal experts will benefit from the behind-the-scenes look into a horrific event that they themselves may be in a position to prevent in the future. Schaefer provides a first-person accounting of the case in a way that takes it beyond the media sound bites, leading you to better understand the system vulnerabilities (in our schools, our mental health agencies and our criminal justice system) that you may be able to address in your own environment. For example, Morrison had been previously arrested for threatening a local Harley-Davidson store. If our laws had required that he be sent to a mental health professional at that time, might he have chosen a different path? Take a few hours to learn from a CBI agent who responds to our society's most unimaginable tragedies and ask him, "What could have been done differently to prevent this outcome?"

    Continuing education credits available to all attendees.

    Please visit CPD's website to register or learn more.


  • Fall Junta 2016

    Latino Psychology Specialty's Fall Junta

    Thursday, October 6th, 2016
    5:30-7:30 PM
    Craig Hall, University of Denver

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    Please join us as we formally welcome exchange students from Universidad del Desarrollo, currently serving the greater Denver community through their practicum at Salud Health Center, and partnerships with Aurora Mental Health Center and Denver Children's Advocacy Center.

    We'll also provide Latino Psychology Specialty updates, including national conference presentations and a series with EDUCA radio, followed by networking with community partners over food and drink.

    Free to attend; please RSVP.


  • DU Shield

    Trauma & Trust: Peacebuilding in Ruptured Social Systems

    October 13-15, 2016
    Pre-Conference October 12
    University of Denver

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    From Baltimore to Baghdad, peacebuilders and trauma professionals engage in complementary but often unintegrated work which falls short of optimal change. Practitioners knowingly or unknowingly impact multiple systems. Might a sustainable systemic approach minimize unintended consequences of interventions and in some way facilitate success? October 13-15, 2016, The University of Denver will host a conference to consider how a systems approach to Trauma & Peacebuilding could inform the international and domestic work of practitioners from multiple fields.

    Peacebuilding in contexts of group trauma invites consideration of the following central conference themes: neurobiology of trauma and relationships, social cohesion and attachment, and empathy and social perspective taking. A particular focus will be on how the systems approach allows us to cross levels and boundaries from the individual to society, taking into account the multiple stories at play in the spaces inhabited by both trauma and peacebuilding practitioners.

    Additional themes will include: Crossing Levels and Boundaries | Challenges to Systemic Approaches | Past Successes and Failures | International and Domestic Contexts | The Social Construction of Peace and Trauma Narratives | Police-Community Relations | Individual and Societal Functioning Post-Trauma | Revisiting Assumptions about Informed Field Practice

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  • IDP 2016

    International Disaster Psychology
    Summer Internship Presentations

    Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
    Craig Hall, University of Denver

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    Please join us as we hear from our 2nd year IDP students about their summer internships abroad!

    RSVP Requested


  • DU

    Drs. Katy Barrs & Jacob Hyde to present at "Pioneer Symposium: History & Service"

    Friday, November 11th, 2016
    Ricketson Law Building, DU

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    Details and registration coming soon!

    Hear from the faculty director of the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, Jacob Hyde, and the clinic director of the Sturm Center, Katy Barrs. 


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