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  • south africa

    Community Psychology in an International Setting:
    South Africa 

    Summer Quarter, 2016

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    A course open to graduate students of all majors, “Community Psychology in an International Setting: South Africa” provides students with on-the-ground experience in considering how cultural, economic, political, and environmental influences impact communities—and the ways communities respond. Students delve deeply into the cultures, history, and present challenges of South Africa through pre-trip coursework, Cape Town site visits, and discussions with South African leaders.

    Working directly with youth (children through young adults) for three weeks at a community-based organization in Cape Town’s largest township exposes students to community life, a range of social justice issues, and strategies communities use to address local challenges. Some 2016 spring quarter meetings will be required. A past student said about the course, “My time [in Cape Town] helped to solidify and push my academic experiences and helped to expand my understanding of the cultural context of the fight against Apartheid.”


  • Denver

    APA Convention in Denver 

    August 4-7, 2016

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  • Shield

    University of Denver's APA Social Hour 

    Thursday, August 4, 2016
    Rooftop Terrace @ Tamayo
    1400 Larimer Street

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    Join students, faculty, and alumni from the University of Denver as we kick off APA 2016 and welcome colleagues to our city! 

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  • 40th

    GSPP's 40th Anniversary Party 

    Friday, August 5, 2016

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    We're 40 and we're celebrating all year long! This will be our closing bash, please join us during APA week for a look at our history, our present, and what's next for GSPP. We'll be showing a video about our first 40 years and displaying profiles of 40 unique alumni.

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  • DU Commencement

    PsyD Graduation Reception

    Friday, August 12, 2016
    10 AM-noon

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    Invitations will be sent in June 2016. (No fee.)



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