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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
PsyD Overview

Student Data: Admissions & Outcomes

The PsyD program at the GSPP is accredited by the American Psychological Association (750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242; 202-336-5979).  The PsyD program has been continuously accredited since 1979. 

The PsyD program at GSPP seeks well-qualified students who are a good fit for our practitioner-scholar program.  We look for students who demonstrate an aptitude for clinical work and for applied scholarship. As such, we ask applicants to provide undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and two essays.  

Faculty members review completed applications in December, January, and February each year.  Qualified applicants are invited to an in-person interview at the end of February or beginning of March.  Applicants are interviewed individually by a faculty member and current student, and in groups by two faculty members.  The interview day also provides applicants the opportunity to learn more about the school, and to meet other students and faculty members.  When it is not possible for the student to do an in-person interview, a phone interview may be substituted, but is not preferred.

Following the completion of interviews, the entire faculty meets to review the applicant pool. Potential students are selected based on the composite of their written materials, individual interviews, and group interviews.  Potential students are notified about their admission status by April 1, and applicants who are offered admission are required to notify the program of their enrollment decision by April 15.

Average number of Applications 2006-2013

Average Yearly Applications: 378
Average Yearly Admission Offers: 76
Yearly Average Enrollment: 38

Average time to completion 2006-2013

PsyD students are able to complete all academic requirements in three (3) years of residency plus 1 year of internship.  However, during the past 7 years 62.9% of students entering with a bachelor’s degree chose to take additional time (mean time to completion is 4.79 yrs.), and 36.3% of students entering with advanced standing chose to take additional time (mean time to completion is 4.56 years). The choice by students to take additional time primarily results from the desire to gain additional clinical experience in a particular field and from a need for additional time to finish doctoral paper.

2013 Completions

Number of Applications 2013

Applications: 381
Admission Offers: 61
Enrollment: 36

Average GRE scores of 2013 PsyD Applicants:
GRE Verbal: 158
GRE Quantitative: 151

Analytical Writing: 4.16

Average GRE scores of 2013 Incoming PsyD Students:
New GRE Verbal: 156
New GRE Quantitative: 152

Analytical Writing: 4.375

Program Cost

2013 Program Costs

$1104.00 per credit hour (quarter hours) - PsyD students are required to attend for the four (4) quarters of the academic year thus completing the 135 required credits and all academic requirements in three (3) years of residency. This is a financial advantage over other programs that require students to be in residence for four (4) years or more. The University of Denver charges GSPP students flat-rate tuition, charging students the same fee for 12-18 credits per quarter, so a student's overall tuition cost is determined by how students arrange their schedule.

Financial aid is available as loans, scholarships, fellowships, grants, work study and student work positions (TA, clinic assistantships.)

Generally, GSPP is able to offer 50% of the incoming class non-loan financial assistance.

Pre-Doctoral Internship Match

From 2000-2010 = 78.7% in APPIC match

The APPIC website lists GSPP's internship match rate from 2000-2010 as 78.7%, with 14.7% not matched and 6.7% withdrawn. These figures do not include the GSPP Exclusively Affiliated Internship Consortium which did not participate in the traditional match until 2009. The following table gives a more comprehensive picture of our internship matching rates:

 Internship Acceptance Rates

2013 Placement 1 
2013 Placements 2

For 2012-2013, GSPP students were placed in the following internship sites:

2013 sites

Attrition Data

2013 Attrition

Licensure Scores

EPPP average score for 2000-2006 = 151

2012 Licensure