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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Perform at your best when it matters most

What is CPEX?

CPEX provides services to athletes & performers (children, youth, and adults). We provide specialized individual or group sessions that rely on the teaching and application of performance excellence skills. Our aim is to enhance people's mental strategies to achieve personal excellence through direct services and indirectly through knowledge dissemination.

Recognizing the importance of sport in American culture, we utilize sport as a vehicle for positive social change and ground our service in educational models emphasizing well-rounded development, personal responsibility, and citizenship.

Consultants are Masters and Doctoral students in Sport and Performance Psychology who are supervised by experienced professionals.

To learn more or request an appointment, please contact us at 303-871-2202.


burnout, choking, cohesion, communication, concentration/focus, confidence, conflict-resolution, coping skills, emotion regulation, flow, imagery, injury, leadership, mental routines, mindfulness, motivation, relaxation, self-talk/affirmations, team-building, trust


  • Our primary location for individual consulting is the Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC) at the University of Denver.
  • Consultants also do on-site sessions in the practice domains of the performer (i.e. gyms, schools, athletic fields, recital halls, etc.)
  • Phone and Skype interviews are also offered when most convenient.

Payment Options

Our primary goal is to make services accessible to everyone. We utilize a sliding scale, meaning fees are established based on ability to pay, including at no cost. All money received directly supports the educational mission of CPEX.

Services Provided to Denver Community


6,000+ service hours provided:

  • 107 coaching placements with children, youth, and adults
    • Novice to elite athletes; elementary, high school, and college level; Special and Paralympic athletes
    • Non-competitive athletes
    • Basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, football, swimming, track & field, rugby, lacrosse, gymnastics, distance running, cross country, golf, ice hockey, wrestling, figure skating, cheerleading, mixed martial arts, snowboarding.
    • Pilates, yoga, fitness/conditioning
    • Rehabilitation, computer skills, tutoring (e.g., writing/literacy)
  • 1 performing arts placement
    • Chorus


3,000+ service hours provided:

  • 62 consulting placements with children, youth, and adults
    • Recreational, middle school, high school, competitive club & elite, professional athletes
    • Basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, swimming, track & field, gymnastics, distance running, cross county, golf ice hockey, wrestling, figure skating, synchronized ice skating, snowboarding, alpine skiing.
    • Fitness/conditioning, group exercise
  • 5 performing arts placements
    • Ballet, singing

CPEX Contributes to the Denver Community by:

  • Providing sport & performance psychology educational resources, programs, and individual or group sessions designed to enhance performance and quality of life through the teaching and application of performance excellence principles.
  • Advancing inclusive excellence by offering programs and supporting opportunities for under-served populations, with particular focus on girls and women, ethnic minorities, and socioeconomically underprivileged groups and individuals.