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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Denver FIRST

Launching July 1, 2014

When You Think Forensic Psychology, Think Denver FIRST

The MA Forensic Psychology program and GSPP are excited to announce the launch of our new forensic psychology institute: The Denver Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training (or Denver FIRST)! The institute will serve as a regional hub for all things forensic and will become a recognized go-to site for expertise in forensic mental health. At this point we are getting ready to launch projects and partnerships involving incarcerated adults, child welfare cases, juveniles on probation, recently-released adult offenders, offenders with neuropsychological deficits, and persons facing competency issues in a variety of court settings.

Each of our distinguished MAFP faculty will serve as a core member of the institute, and we have also invited several noted DU faculty and community forensic leaders to serve in various affiliated roles. Dr. Neil Gowensmith, MAFP core faculty, will bring his experience in research, grants management, forensic administration, academia and clinical practice to serve as the director of the institute.

Denver FIRST will offer a constellation of services through 3 central areas:


We will provide program evaluation for local and regional programs, conduct high-quality original research across many forensic topic areas, and obtain and lead local and national grant-funded opportunities.


We will provide low-cost, high-quality clinical services to underserved forensic populations and act as a test site for innovative programs and practices in forensic mental health. These services will include both therapy and assessment, and will be supervised largely by Denver FIRST faculty.


We will consult with agencies involved with forensic mental health service, and we will lead engaging workshops, trainings and presentations on a host of forensic topics to mental health, legal, correctional, and law enforcement audiences.

Denver FIRST is set to launch on July 1, 2014. If you would like to be part of this exciting venture, now is the time to get in on the ground floor! Opportunities exist in all three arms of the institute, but we are especially interested in service opportunities, grant partners, and in building affiliations with excellent professionals in the community!

Contact us at 303.871.7910 or for more info!