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Gender Violence Information for the LGBTQI Community

Sexual assault and intimate partner violence can happen to people of any race, class, age, appearance, gender identity, sexual orientation or other identities - to anyone. Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people are subject to the same spectrum of sexual violence as the general population. In general, sexual assault against LGBTQI people is very similar to assaults that heterosexuals experience. According to research, LGBTQI people are at approximately the same risk as heterosexuals of being sexually assaulted by someone they know.

Like all survivors, LGBTQI survivors often feel self-blame, shame, fear, anger, and depression. They may also be led to question their sexuality, or how it is perceived by others, especially if the assault was perpetrated as a hate crime, directed against the survivor's sexual orientation or gender identity as perceived by the perpetrator.

There are many resources available to members of the LGBTQI communities who are victims of gender violence. We are here to help. Contact CAPE, The Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment at 303-871-3853.