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Other Forms of Gender Violence

Stalking is a type of harassment when one person is receiving unwanted attention by another person or group, two or more times, with threats towards the victim or causing fear in the victim. People stalk for different reasons, but whatever the reason, it is a crime.

How do you know if you're being stalked?

  • Someone is following you.
  • Someone shows up at your room, your apartment, your classroom, your workplace.
  • Someone gives you or leaves you unwanted gifts.
  • Someone is sending you unwanted texts or emails or messages through social media. These are all types of cyber-stalking.
  • Someone is threatening your loved ones or pets.

If you are receiving unwanted attention in any form from another person, you might be a stalking victim. You can get support. You can get help by contacting the CAPE Director at 303-871-3853.