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Couples Counseling

What is couples counseling?

  • Designed to assist couples with their relationship problems.
  • Can be used to gain insight into each other, to learn new and effective ways of communicating, and how to solve problems.

Am I eligible for couples counseling?

  • One of the members must be a University of Denver student.
  • Married, single, LGBTQI, roommates and housemates are eligible.
  • Couples counseling services are available to couples composed of two individuals, one of whom is a DU student. Non-student spouses or partners are eligible to attend with a DU student.

Who would be our counselor?

  • Your first appointment would be a structured initial consultation with a counselor.
  • You may continue couples counseling with your initial counselor or you may be assigned to a counselor who has a special interest or training in couples therapy. Counseling is provided by licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and unlicensed trainees in these two disciplines under close supervision of our licensed staff.

How much does it cost?

  • Fees are assessed to the University of Denver student in the couple.
  • If both of you are University students, you will work with your counselor to decide whose account will be charged.
  • Fees are dependent on your health insurance and payment of the quarterly health and counseling fee.

What other services for couples counseling are available?

  • We often offer couples counseling or psychoeducational groups. Check the group page for information.