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The mission of the HCC is to provide exceptional, inclusive, integrated health care. We promote student success and wellness through education, advocacy and outreach to the University of Denver community.

Success Through Wellness

Regarding the US Measles Outbreak

In light of the recent multi-state measles outbreak in the United States the University of Denver Health and Counseling Center would like to remind students, faculty, and staff of the importance of vaccination.  

  • The HCC has measles vaccine (it’s called an MMR vaccine that actually has measles, mumps, and rubella all in 1 shot).
  • Colorado has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country
  • 2014 saw more measles cases nationwide than any year in the past 20, and 2015 is already on record pace
  • Measles is a highly contagious, acute viral illness which can cause severe health complications, including pneumonia, encephalitis (brain infection), and death. It is transmitted by contact with an infected person through coughing and sneezing; infected people are contagious from four days before their rash starts through four days afterwards. After an infected person leaves a location, the virus remains viable for up to two hours on surfaces and in the air. You have a 90% chance of getting it if exposed and not immune. 
  • If you are not immune to measles and there is an outbreak on campus you will have to leave campus until the outbreak is over (could be 1+ weeks) and not be refunded any tuition.



H.Y.P.E. Internship Program

The HealthY Peer Empowerment (HYPE) Internship Program is a select group of student leaders who act as peer educators and promote the health of the DU campus community. HYPE is sponsored by Health and Counseling Center’s Health Promotion Office. HYPE Interns plan and implement education and outreach programs on a variety of pertinent health topics. These health issues include:

  • Sexual Health Education
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • Stress and Self-Care

HYPE takes the approach that students can help educate and empower other students. As college students, we often turn to our friends for advice about tough personal issues like alcohol use, stress, social and relationship problems, and sex health. Peer education serves as an outlet for students to get the info they need from a well trusted source - their peers.

HYPE will soon begin recruiting interns for the 2015-2016 school year! Do you have questions or want more information? Email or check out the website!

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