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Cortney Duritsa's work and Teach for America plans

Honors Opportunities at DU

Congratulations Honors Students!

In June 2010 thirty-three students graduated with University Honors, and among them many also received special recognition.  Our graduates will be going to medical school, law school, graduate school, entering business or work for non-profits. Two of our graduates will share their love of learning as teachers for Teach for America. Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors. We know you will make real contributions in your chosen fields, and we hope you will stay in touch!  For more information about one of these students and her Teach for America plans, go to

Phi Beta Kappa
Senior inductees:  Elisabeth Booze, Shannon Bradley, Cortney Duritsa, Elizabeth Friedman, Lauren Hartel, Marissa McKercher, Ashley Motlong, Suzanne Ngo, Grant Ruehle, Julie Stetson  

Junior inductees:  Kathleen Bird, Lauren Brown, Leslie Gehring, Kelly Goheen, Katherine Mercier, Christine Pack, Ella Peterson, Hannah Stumpp, Bonnie Walker

Pioneer Awards
Denious Scholarships in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:  Miyeko Inafuku, Devon Varoz
Linder Scholarship:  Hailey Mulder
Outstanding Chemistry Major:  Grant Ruehle
Outstanding Student in Communication Studies:  Shannon Bradley
Outstanding Senior in Public Policy:  Emily Parker
Excellence in Chinese Studies,  First Year - Angela Ianiello
Excellence in Chinese Studies, Second Year - Michelle Yeager
Excellence in Japanese Studies:  Christopher Bair, Lingshuang "Jack" Mao
Leir Award in Languages and Literatures:  Eugenia Goh, Craig Hirokawa, Sydney Hodgson, Hailey Mulder
Eleanor Campbell Memorial Award in Mathematics:  Kathryn Palma
Outstanding Graduating Senior in Political Science:  Cortney Duritsa
Bernard Spilka Undergraduate Scholarship in Psychology:  Victoria Floerke
Director's Award for Excellence in First Year Writing:  Jennifer Binkowski, Carli Hansen 

Outstanding Student Awards 

Distinguished First Year Student:  Samuel Estenson

Distinguished Second Year Student:  Stuart Portman

Outstanding Second Year Student:   Vanessa Teck

Outstanding Second Year Nominees also included Craig Hirokawa, Joseph Zhang

Distinguished Junior Student:  Richard Sanders

Outstanding Junior Nominees also included Miyeko Inafuku, Caitlin Lorenz 

Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship
Katherine Mercier was awarded the 2011 Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship in recognition of her academic and community work in the Honors Program.  The $1000 award will support her efforts in 2011-2012. Congratulations, Katherine!

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