Honors Faculty

The faculty who teach in the Honors Program are among the finest instructors from all departments on campus. Each year our ranks include new and returning faculty whose courses are designed to offer a unique honors experience and which reflect a diverse mix of topics and approaches.  Below is the list of our Honors faculty from recent years:

Peter Adler

Shawn Alfrey
Lawrence Berliner

Gary Brower

Rodney Buxton

Victor Castellani

Bonnie Clark

Paul Colomy

Daniel Connolly

Tracy Ehlers

James Gilroy

Eric Gould

Helene Grall-Johnson

Hillary Hamann

Carol Helstosky

Roscoe Hill

Scott Howard

Allison Horsley
Ginni Ishimatsu
Rafael Ioris

Jennifer Kearney

Elizabeth Karlsgodt

Daniel Lair

Richard Lamm

Karen Loeb

Daniel McIntosh
Sarah Morelli
Maik Nwosu
Paul Olk

Lisa Pasko

James Platt

George Potts

Bin Ramke

Nancy Reichman

Gregory Robbins
Andrew Rovner

Christy Rowe

Erika Trigoso Rubio

Dean Saitta

Nancy Sampson

Susan Schulten
Nancy Saski

Robert Stencel

Oscar Somoza

Donald Sullivan

Matthew Taylor

Candace Upton

Nancy Wadsworth
Sidra Wahaltere

Roberta Waldbaum

Spencer Wellhofer
Kate Willink

Wilfried Wilms

Roy Wood
Yavuz Yasar




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