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Honors Opportunities at DU

Pre-Approved Courses for Honors Credit in AHUM and SOCS Winter 2011

If you would like this course to meet your Honors humanities or social science requirement, you MUST tell Honors that you are taking the course for Honors credit before the quarter begins. Note that pre-requisite and seat requirements are maintained for these courses.  Other courses may also work; please check with Honors.  ( In order to register for these, please go to the respective subject box and attribute:  all.  They are not listed among Honors courses.)

Arts and Humanities (AI:SC)

ENGL 2036 (4092), History of Genre-Fiction, TR 10:00-11:50, Selah Sterstrom     

ENGL 2200 (1023), Eng Literature II: Donne-Johnson, MW 12:00-1:50, Jessica Munns

ENGL 2221 (2851), Shakespeare Seminar, MW 10:00-11:50, Linda Bensel-Meyers               

ENGL 2402 (4093), Later Romantics, MW 12:00-1:50, Benjamin Kim    

ENGL 2712 (4094), American Short Story, MW 2:00-3:50, Bill Zaranka 

ENGL 2751 (2094), American Literature Survey II, MW 8:00-9:50, Jeffery Mack                  

ENGL 3732 (4099), Topics in English, TR 2:00-1:50, Clark Davis          

FREN 3020 (4194), Civilisation: Sujets spéciaux: "La Renaissance en France: Louise, Lyon, et la Loire," MW 10:00-11:50, James Gilroy

FREN 3701 (2814  ), "Poetes du nouveau," TR 10:00-11:50, Jennifer Pap
(You must meet the pre-requisites for the French courses.  They are taught in French, so students would have to be proficient enough to work on that linguistic level.)

PHIL 3701 (4022), Special Topics: Ethics of Informed Consent, MW 2:00-3:50, Candace Upton

PHIL 3024 (4023), Maimonides: Greek, Muslin and Christian Encounters, TR 12:00-1:50, Susan Pessin

PHIL 3050 (4026), Great Thinkers—Hume,  TR 4:00-5:50, William Anderson

 (All Philosophy 3000 level courses will require junior standing or permission of the instructor.  Philosophy recommends that Sophomore Honors students seek permission of instructor if they are interested.)


Social Sciences (SI:SC)

PLSC 2901 (2883), Political Inquiry, TR 2:00-3:50, Spencer Wellhofer

PSYC 2031 (1483), Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience,  MW 12:00-1:50, Jeremy Reynolds

PSYC 2055 (4072), Development Across Lifespan, TR 2:00-3:50, Julia Dmitrieva

PSYC 2109 (2626), Depression, MW 2:00-3:50, Benjamin Hankin

PSYC 2740 (2069), Social Psychology, WF 10:00-11:50, Iris Mauss

(All PSYC classes require SOCS 1710, PSYC 1001, or equivalent as a prerequisite)

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