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The Class of 2011 - 34 students graduate with University Honors and then some!

Honors Opportunities at DU


As always, our students have also contributed to the DU community through student government and service, and have participated in a variety of study abroad and research programs. Here on campus honors students helped bring Noam Chomsky to speak and, through the Voltaire Society's Eugenia Goh and Patrick Sutherland, launched their own successful DU speaker series.  The Diversity Summit was guided by Honors alum Joel Portman and his brother, current Honors student Stuart Portman.  Stuart, Abrehet Gebremedhin, and Craig Hirokawa also presented in a panel there.  Other Honors students, including Armando Duran, Matthew Farrell, Amber Meservey, Emily Thompson and Michelle Yeager, are organizing a Model UN panel, which the Honors Program will sponsor.   In addition to their work for the DU community, our Honors students once again excelled in their own academic endeavors.  Please see our graduating and continuing student awards to learn what else Honors Program members have achieved this year.   

Honors Student Academic Achievements 2010-2011

Students Graduating in 2011 with University Honors

Chisom Agbim

Lauren Barrows

Elisabeth Booze

Shannon Bradley

Valerie Brusilovsky

Matthew Dooley

Sarah Droege

Cortney Duritsa

Lauren Eagelston

Elizabeth Friedman

Sarai Glass

Wei Guo

Lauren Hartel

Erin Holweger

Whitney Hulick

Jonathan Jay

Erin Leach

Sarah Lonowski

Kent McKendry

Nancy Miller

Ashley Motlong

Suzanne Ngo

Sarah Perske

Grant Ruehle

Tamara Shanahan

Nicole Shaw

Read Trammel

Armando Vasquez

Andrew White

Alicia Wuth


Nominees and Recipients of Pioneer Awards

Distinguished First Year Student: Sam Estenson

Distinguished Second Year Student: Stuart Portman

Outstanding Second Year Student: Vanessa Teck

Nominees for Outstanding Second Year Student also include Craig Hirokawa and Joseph Zhang

Distinguished Junior Student: Richard Sanders

Honors Student Inductees into the Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa

Junior inductees: Kathleen Bird, Lauren Brown, Leslie Gehring, Kelly Goheen, Katherine Mercier, Christine Pack, Ella Peterson, Hannah Stumpp, Bonnie Walker

Senior inductees: Elisabeth Booze, Shannon Bradley, Cortney Duritsa, Elizabeth Friedman, Lauren Hartel, Marissa McKercher, Ashley Motlong, Suzanne Ngo, Grant Ruehle, Julie Stetson

Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship

Katherine Mercier was awarded the 2011 award of $1000 in honor of her academic and community work in the Honors Program to support her efforts in 2011-2012.   Congratulations, Katherine!


Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and meaningful accomplishments! We wish you well as you continue your work here at DU. To our graduates: Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors. We know you will make real contributions in your chosen fields. Our graduates will be going to medical school, law school, graduate school, entering business or work for non-profits. Two of our graduates will share their love of learning as teachers for Teach for America. For more information about one of these students and her Teach for America plans, please go to http://www.du.edu/ahss/alumni/index.html.


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