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RA Position

Welcome to RA Selection

The RA is a live- in student staff member in the Department of Housing and Residential Education. The RA assists in supporting the academic community in an undergraduate residence hall and has specific responsibilities for working with students on a particular floor. RA's are expected to provide strategies for, and assist residents with, community development, social justice issues, learning and personal well being.

An RA is the first line of support for residential students who need help. You may need help with academics, have a question about what club you could join, or need help with a relationship. The RA is the key to creating an inclusive, fun and exciting environment within the residence hall community, transforming a residence hall from four walls to the most amazing place on campus. RAs are here specifically to help ease your transition to DU or help you as you move through your continued years at DU.

The RA is responsible for assisting students individually and as a community. The RA's primary role is to facilitate the creation of a positive environment on an assigned floor which supports students' academic and personal success. In order for these environments to develop, RA's must make significant connections with their residents, help residents to know each other, and connect residents to the resources and opportunities of the larger university community. Strategies for success include maintaining individual and community wide contact, a thorough knowledge of campus resources, planning and implementing programs that meet the needs of their residents, and responding to individual and community concerns.

Additionally, The RA gains experience in the following areas: community development, training, administration, teamwork, role modeling, responding to student behavior and duty and so much more throughout the year. Here are the general requirements and compensation of the RA position.

If you have questions, contact the HRE office (303) 871-2246 or