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Tuition Waiver Benefit


Tuition Waiver Benefit

Important Tuition Waiver Guidelines and Deadlines

  • The tuition waiver is never automatically granted.  Employees and dependents must take action to use the waiver for any course(s).
  • The tuition waiver must be applied to each course every academic period.  If a course is changed in any way (including section), the waiver must be reapplied (see below deadline).
  • All tuition waiver users must apply the tuition waiver to their course(s) by the 100% drop deadline.  Please see the DU Registrar webpage for deadlines specific to colleges and schools.
  • Employees must have six months of benefited service to qualify for the tuition waiver for themselves and spouses/partners.  Employees must have one year of benefited service to use the waiver for dependent children.


The tuition waiver program is designed to enable benefited employees, their spouses, and/or their dependent children, to enroll in "for-credit" courses at the University of Denver with reduced or no tuition charges. 

  • Tuition Waiver Benefit Overview — Provides information about eligibility for     employees, their Spouse/Partner and Children.
  • How the Program Works — Details covered courses, the application and     approval process and the cost of the program.
  • Legal Considerations/Taxation — Features eligibility information and describes     benefits available to you, your spouse, and your dependent children.

Please review the complete Trustee Board Approved Tuition Waiver Policy. It is the right and responsibility of ALL Tuition Waiver users to know and understand the policy and procedures related to the Tuition Waiver.

If you have missed the deadline to apply for your tuition waiver credits (100% drop deadline), please submit a tuition waiver appeal request form via webCentral.

General Tuition Waiver questions can be directed to the Human Resources, Total Rewards Office at or 303-871-7420. Questions about using other types of Financial Aid with the tuition waiver benefit should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at or 303-871-4020.

**Tuition waiver courses dropped before web registration closes will be reallocated towards the annual maximum, and the Tuition Waiver must be reassigned to the new classes for the term before web registration closes.

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