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Human Resources

Hiring Process

Careers at DU

Hiring Process

Tips and Tools For Hiring Managers:

Click here to view a short tutorial on how to access the online Position Action Request (PAR).


Submissions for posting Sunday classified advertising in local newspapers are due in Human Resources by Wednesday at noon. Any other publication deadlines are available by calling Human Resources at (303) 871-7420.  The Request for Classified Advertising form must be completed and attached to the requisition.

Advertising Manual


We understand that interviewing can be time consuming and costly. The employment office offers the following services at no cost to you:

  • Phone Interviewing
  • One on One Interviews including:
  • Screening for Basic Qualifications
  • The Traditional Interview
  • Behavioral Based Interviewing
  • Interviewing candidates with you

There are numerous ways to find quality individuals using various interviewing methods. Contact the employment office for ideas, interview questions, and other interview related issues.

Background Checks/References

Checking out a prospective employee is essential to success! Criminal background checks are required for every new prospective employee at DU.  Download the background check form with disclosure & authorization materials.

  • We can also do reference checks on education and experience on your final candidates for a minimal cost.
  • We will provide you with informational packets on how to do your own reference checks if you are looking for guidance.

How to request a background check

Hiring International Student Employees

Are you considering hiring an international student? Are you aware of the regulations placed on international students for employment?

The Office of Internationalization, in conjunction with Human Resources and the Payroll department work together to insure international students are properly hired with the correct documentation.

Please review the hiring checklist and the timeline on the International Student and Scholar Service website for more information on hiring international employees. International students can make wonderful additions to your team.

Arriving at DU:  New Employee Orientation

Hiring managers should register a new employee for orientation by submitting the following information to

• Employee Name:
• DU ID#:
• Hire Date:
• Benefited or Non-Benefited Status:
• Department:
• Supervisor:
• Supervisor Email:
• Job Title:
• Email Address: