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Performance Management

Access to the Online Performance Management System
Access to the performance management system and your performance form is through webCentral. Click here to enter your DU ID number and webCentral passcode. After logging in, you will be redirected to the performance management system.

Calibration is a new step in the performance management form as of the 2012-2013 year. After the employee acknowledges and sends the form to completed, the form will move to calibration. This is a year-end reporting function performed by Human Resources. When the performance form is in calibration, there are no further actions required by the employee or supervisor.

Getting Started

We recommend that managers and employees discuss job responsibilities, job goals, competencies and professional and career development goals in person, before the employee enter information into the performance form. The employee enters the information into the form for the manager's review. If the manager approves the duties and goals set, the manager should move the form out of Setting Expectations into Progress Discussions. When this step is done early in the performance cycle, or within 30 days of a new employee starting, it helps clarify and set expectations for the performance year.

Your Performance Management Division Lead will be available to assist you with questions about the online performance management system or process (see list below). Or, contact Josh Navarro in Human Resources at 303-871-7726 or for assistance.

Online Resources

We are more than happy to hold performance management sessions customized for your unit or Division. Please contact Josh Navarro or 303-871-7726 for details and scheduling.

Performance Management Cycle Overview

DU's performance management cycle runs October through September. The recommended University timeline is:

  • Setting Expectations: Mid-October through December
  • Progress Discussions: January through July
  • Year-End Review: August through October

The deadline to complete the 2013/2014 performance form is Friday, October 10, 2014. However, specific timelines throughout the process may vary by Division. Check with your manager for details.

Learn more about the performance management cycle.

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